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Whole Grain Bread Recipe for the Bosch Universal Mixer

Bosch Basic Bread Recipe: Ingredients for Four Batch Sizes
Batch Size
Hot Tap Water
115° F
Step A
portion of flour
Step B
Portion of flour
(heaping measure)
Max. total whole wheat flour req'd
8 loaf
8-1/2 c.
12 c.
1 c.
3/4 c.
1/2 c.
3 T.
6 T.
5 c.
3 T.
19 to 24 c.
6 loaf
6 c.
8 c.
3/4 c.
1/2 c.
1/3 c.
2 T.
4 T.
4 c.
2 T.
15 to 17 c.
4 loaf
4 c.
6 c.
2/3 c.
1/3 c.
1/4 c.
2 T.
3 T.
2 c.
1 T.
8 to 11 c.
2 loaf
2-1/2 c.
4 c.
1/4 c.
1/4 c.
2 T.
1 T.
2 T.
1 c.
1 T.
6 to 8 c.
This is our basic whole grain bread recipe for the Bosch Universal mixer...
A starting-point for the infinite variety of breads and other foods you can prepare with the world's finest and most complete kitchen center!
Copyright Pleasant Hill Grain. All rights reserved.

Directions for our Basic Bosch Universal Whole Grain Bread Recipe
With dough hook in Bosch bowl, pour in hot water (at 115° F). Add the “Step A” quantity of flour, then the honey, oil, gluten, dough enhancer and yeast. Jog the switch to “Pulse” several times to prevent splashing, then mix on Speed 2. Stop and add the “Step B” quantity of flour, add salt on top, and resume mixing on Speed 2. Sprinkle in more flour gradually until the sides of the bowl come clean. The final amount of flour required depends on the humidity of the air and the protein content of the wheat. After bowl sides come clean, knead on Speed 2 until gluten is developed, generally 4-7 minutes. (For white flour, the times would be approximately 3 minutes on Speed 4 and 2 minutes on Speed 3.) Gluten development is checked by pulling off a little dough with oiled hands and stretching. Gluten is properly developed when you can stretch dough almost transparent without tearing. If it tears easily, knead longer. Gluten will develop more quickly if your wheat has exceptionally good protein content. Finished dough will have a soft sheen. If over-kneaded, it will become stringy and bread texture won’t be uniform.

Notes: It’s better to add too little flour than too much; your bread will turn out lighter. The sound of the Bosch will become deeper and the tone will rise and fall somewhat when you’ve added most of the flour. This is normal—the Bosch is built to take the load! If you use flour from the fridge or freezer, let it warm to room temperature before using for bread dough.

When gluten is developed, pour dough out on a greased surface. Shape dough into a circle and divide into 8 equal pieces with shears or pizza cutter (if you mixed the 8-loaf batch.) This will make 8 large (8 x 4-1/2) loaves. Or each of the eight pieces would make 2 mini loaves or 2 pizza crusts. Two pieces make a 9 x 13 pan of cinnamon rolls. 8 x 4-1/2 loaf pans give a nice rounded top.

Shape the loaves by hand or by rolling out. To roll out, used a greased pin on a greased surface and roll to 8" x 16". Then, starting at the far end, roll up tightly in a spiral like you would cinnamon rolls. Tuck each end under, and slam dough down (really hard!) on the counter a couple times to eliminate air bubbles between layers of dough. Put in greased pans. Cover and let rise in warm, draft-free place until volume doubles (about 30 minutes.) Bake 25-30 min. at 350° until top is nicely browned, the loaf slides out of the pan, and the loaf makes a hollow sound when tapped in the middle of the bottom. Cool on racks. Don’t store in plastic bags until fully cooled. Freeze the extra loaves in bags.

Useful facts about grain and flour yield
1 cup of whole wheat grain makes about 1.5 cups of flour.
1 pound of wheat grain makes 1 pound of whole wheat flour.
1 pound of wheat makes 1 typical bread loaf in an 8" loaf pan.
A 45 lb. bucket of wheat contains about 95-98 cups of wheat (density naturally varies a little.)
Wheat grain is also known as "wheat berries."

Buying Wheat & Other Whole Grains & Beans

Pleasant Hill Grain sells whole grain wheat, other grains, and beans: Choose from hard red or hard white wheat, both ideal for breadmaking as well as many other uses, including sprouting. Breads made with hard red and hard white wheats will be very similar; the main difference is that red wheat produces a fuller, heartier flavor, and the bread will have a slightly darker color. Many of our customers prefer the white and a good number prefer the red—it's a matter of taste. If you're just starting out with whole grain baking and don't know how to pick, we suggest starting with hard white wheat. We also offer soft durum wheat for pasta and other uses, spelt, kamut, rye, quinoa, oat groats, buckwheat, barley, brown, basmati and white rice, soybeans, millet, corn, and a range of dry beans. All are packaged oxygen-free in sealed food-safe buckets, for secure storage, and ALL of our grain products are natural (non-GMO).

Grain page: Click here to learn more about, or to purchase, whole grain products

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