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Pleasant Hill Grain
Stainless steel rice cookers

Would you like to buy the best stainless steel rice cooker... for less... and enjoy personal service too? At Pleasant Hill Grain we offer the finest kitchen tools, at great prices, and provide personal service both before and after your purchase. We appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy your time at our shop. Please call or e-mail if you have questions or if we can assist you in any way.  We like to help and we'd love to hear from you!

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Stainless steel rice cookers at Pleasant Hill Grain

Customers sometimes ask us for a stainless steel rice cooker. When you search for stainless rice cookers, you find many advertised, but they usually turn out to be standard rice cookers with nonstick interior, and the only stainless is on the outside housing. Most companies don't sell "conventional" style rice cookers with stainless interiors because rice bakes onto the bottom of the pan during use.

Pleasant Hill Grain offers two types of stainless rice cookers. The first is a basic conventional rice cooker with stainless pan, called the Miracle Rice Cooker. Without a nonstick surface, some rice will burn onto the bottom of the stainless pan with each use. It can be scrubbed out after soaking.

More attractive idea:
The other approach to stainless rice cooking is a new-generation stainless pressure cooker, and we believe this approach offers better value. Pressure cookers used to be hissing, spitting, scary contraptions that were thoroughly off-putting. But a new generation of pressure cookers is available now, and we offer two lines we feel are unmatched for their design, quality and features. These are the Kuhn Rikon line from Switzerland, and German-made BRK cookers.

Unlike the pressure cookers of old,
Kuhn Rikon and BRK pressure cookers aren't designed for pressure canning; they're made for meal preparation. They're sized right, their features are outstanding, and they're easy and fun to use. Perhaps most importantly, they share none of the faults of their earlier ancestors. They're quiet, simple to use (no pressure dial), and their fundamentally different design approach means that it would be hard to find anything safer in your kitchen.

What this has to do with stainless rice cooking
is that no method of cooking rice is faster, or produces better-cooked rice, than a Kuhn Rikon or BRK pressure cooker. Every model features stainless construction inside and out. This "inside and out" stainless construction means your food touches polished stainless steel, and nothing else. Your rice is cooked to perfection faster than you'll believe possible, without sticking — and you've just scratched the surface of what a modern pressure cooker can do for your culinary endeavors.

Most of our customers tell us at first that they weren't really thinking about a pressure cooker for making rice. But those who've chosen Kuhn Rikon or BRK have been extremely happy with these versatile tools. Join them in discovering what's liable to become the "secret weapon" of your kitchen arsenal!

Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers

BRK pressure cookers

The Miracle stainless rice cooker

Kuhn Rikon stainless steel rice cooker

Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers:
Made in Switzerland

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker: See Kuhn Rikon!

Swiss-made Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers: Continuous development and refinement at Kuhn Rikon has produced a broad line of immaculate pressure cookers — including one that's perfect for every cook.

Click here to see the full line of Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers

B/R/K Alpha Set
Made in Germany

B/R/K Stainless Pressure Cooker Set

NEW B/R/K Line: The B/R/K Pressure Cooking system is the only system in the world with a patented pressure cooking lid that can be used with only one hand, and on all cooking pots of the same diameter.

New to the USA: Made in Germany and well established in Europe as a leader in advanced pressure cooking, B/R/K is now available for the first time in the U.S. at low introductory prices. Years of intensive development deliver optimum convenience, as well as perfected and safe technology. The well conceived design and quality materials impart an elegant appearance to cooking and serving.

Click here to see BRK pressure cookers

I'm so happy to have discovered Pleasant Hill Grain. Not only do you have an excellent selection and variety of quality products, but the prices and customer service are great. No hype, just good old fashioned integrity and service. My hat is off to your company and its principles. I'll recommend you to my friends and acquaintances. Catherine Arias, San Jose CA
Stainless Steel Rice Cooker ME81

Miracle Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

Miracle Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

Stainless Steel Rice Cooker: The Miracle stainless rice cooker features a cooking pot that is made entirely of stainless steel, inside and out. It has no Teflon™ or any other nonstick material. It has a capacity of 8 cups dry rice, which will become 16 cups of cooked rice. (Bear in mind that throughout the rice cooker world, a "rice cup" is the Japanese 6 oz. cup, not the English 8 oz. cup.) It cooks rice automatically and then switches to a stay warm mode when rice is fully cooked, keeping rice warm and moist for hours. Also includes a stainless steel vegetable steamer tray, measuring cup and rice spoon.

Cleanup: Because a stainless-pan rice cooker doesn't have a nonstick coating, some rice will burn onto the bottom of the pan. Let it soak for with warm water and dishwashing detergent, and after about an hour it will come out with a nonabrasive nylon scrubbing pad.

Capacity: 8 cups (pre-cooked volume)

Full 1-year
manufacturer's warranty. Made in China.

See the Miracle Rice Cooker on our main Rice Cookers page

After four years of experience with Pleasant Hill Grain, I can't think of another company of any kind that I can recommend as highly as yours. Your service is outstanding; it's a real pleasure doing business with you. Lori Itano, Wheaton IL

Let me express my appreciation and praise for the sincere and personable customer service each of your people demonstrated in fulfilling my order. You provide the small town warmth and genuine, neighborly services of the local country store many of us knew in the 1950's and 60's. My wife and I will refer everyone we know to Pleasant Hill Grain. We know they’ll have a rewarding experience. Dennis Ronan, Keizer OR
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Ultimate Rice Cooker Coobook Hensperger Revised

The Ultimate Rice
Cooker Cookbook Revised Edition:
250 Rice Cooker Recipes
& Much More

by Beth Hensperger & Julie Kaufmann

A rice cooker should be in every kitchen, and so should this cookbook! Chef Martin Yan

See Rice Cookers
The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook Revised

Rice cookers are perfect for the way we cook today: Versatile and convenient, they have one-button technology, don’t take up too much counter space, and are a breeze to clean. And they can do so much more than produce foolproof rice, beans, and grains. This new edition takes note of the whole-grain revolution in U.S. kitchens and offers recipes for a host of new (and rediscovered) grains, like quinoa, millet, couscous, kamut, and spelt, whose popularity is rising fast. It focuses on a wider variety of rices, too, with lots of ideas for red, black, basmati, jasmine, and Arborio rices, as well as partially milled white rice, which looks and cooks like white rice but has the nutritional value of brown rice. The authors have also added a complete guide to the newer rice cookers that have come to the market since the original edition, including induction-cooking and pressure-cooking rice cookers and models that replace the old buttons-and-dials approach with more complex digital displays. Alongside many favorites from the first edition, from Carrot Basmati Pilaf and Italian Sausage Risotto to French Polenta and Maple-Cinnamon Rice Pudding, the 10th anniversary edition serves up more than 50 tempting new recipes, from a rich and soothing Sweet Brown Rice with Curry, Carrots, and Raisins to a warm and satisfying Millet, Winter Squash, and Sweet Pea Pilaf.

Unlock the full potential of your rice cooker to make great one-pot meals, side dishes, finger-food appetizers, hearty breakfasts, and even desserts with The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook!

By Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann. Revised edition. Softcover, 368 pages.

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My wife loves the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook. The rice cooker she'd been using didn't work well -- now that she's read some of the cookbook she understands why. She used her new Zojirushi "fuzzy logic" rice cooker tonight and I must admit it was really good. I haven't been a big fan of rice in the past but I believe with the new Zojirushi cooker, this may change. Thanks for the recommendation. John Palmer, Goochland VA

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