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RealSalt®: The Real Sea Salt

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RealSalt®: The Real Sea Salt
Long before the earth knew industrial pollutants, a huge, ancient sea covered what is now North America. A sea containing pure, natural, healthful salt. As the water in the sea evaporated, the salt remained in undisturbed deposits that came to be covered by thick layers of volcanic ash, protecting these precious deposits against the pollution that man would eventually introduce into the environment. Near the small town of Redmond, in central Utah, approximately 200 miles south of Salt Lake City, the Redmond Minerals Company carefully extracts this salt from deep within the earth, and brings it to you in its pure, natural state without any additives, chemicals, or heat processing. This is RealSalt®, full of flavor and natural goodness the way salt was meant to be savored!

As its name implies, Redmond RealSalt is real salt. It surprises many people, but in its natural form, salt is not sparkling white or free flowing. Actually, the table salt and many sea salts most people are familiar with have been bleached, refined, and mixed with anti-caking agents and iodine. Many so-called table salts also contain sugar, in the form of dextrosemeant to cover or disguise an otherwise harsh and bitter flavor. In fact, a quick glance at the ingredients label on most table salt products is an eye-opener! In addition to sodium chloride, you'll probably find calcium silicate or sodium silicoaluminate, dextrose, and potassium iodide.

By contrast, Redmond RealSalt® is real saltunrefined and naturalfree from additives or chemicals of any kind.

What are the colored specks in RealSalt? Compared to RealSalt brand salt, regular table salts and also many sea salts appear stark white because they have undergone harsh bleaching and refining. By contrast, RealSalt is extracted from deep within the earth, crushed, screened, and packaged without any bleaching or refining. RealSalt's unique pinkish appearance and flecks of color come from more than 50 natural trace minerals, including natural iodine.

Does RealSalt come from Utah's Great Salt Lake? NO! RealSalt does NOT come from Utah's Great Salt Lake. RealSalt comes from an ancient salt deposit near the small town of Redmond, Utah, about 200 miles south of the Great Salt Lake.

Is RealSalt expensive? Even when used liberally, a family of four will likely use only one 26 oz. pouch of RealSalt every five to six months. So the daily cost of RealSalt is just a couple cents. Given the high cost of food these days and the fact that salt is the primary ingredient responsible for taste in food, it makes sense to use something natural that really enhancesrather than masksthe natural flavor of foods! Additionally, the rich savour of RealSalt means less salt can be used.

What are the health benefits of salt? Sodium is crucial for maintaining the health of every cell in the human system. It permeates the fluid between cells (often called the "extracellular fluid') and potassium exists mainly on the inside of the cells (in the "intracellular fluid'). If the mineral content of either is deficient or in excessive, cell permeability becomes compromised and the health of all the cells suffers. Besides being a component of extracellular fluid that bathes every living cell, sodium is important in two other salty "oceans" in the bodyour blood and our lymphatic fluid. It is also necessary for the production of hydrochloric acid, the digestive enzyme secreted by the stomach in order to digest protein. Along with potassium, sodium is required for the proper functioning of our nerves and the contraction of our muscles With the many crucial roles sodium plays, it's clear that if we had no sodium, we would cease to exist.

Is RealSalt® different from other sea salts? Absolutely! And 35,000 chefs agree! In a professional taste test of top gourmet natural salts, RealSalt® was deemed the Best of Show and Gold Medal winner by professional chefs of the American Tasting Institute. But don't just take our word for it. We encourage you to experience the RealSalt difference yourself!

Take the RealSalt® taste test... First taste RealSalt®, then try any other salt. The difference will amaze you!

RealSalt 26 Ounce
Resealable Pouch
(25 lb. box also available)

RealSalt 9 Ounce Shaker
Granulated RealSalt Sea Salt

Salt of the Earth: Granulated, 100% natural RealSalt... our most popular RealSalt, available in handy 26 oz. pouch, 9 oz. shaker bottle, or 25 lb.bulk box.

RealSalt 26 oz Pouch$8.56 Qty:
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RealSalt 9 oz. Shaker$4.92 Qty:
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RealSalt 25 lb. Box$85.14 Qty:
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I'm so happy to have discovered Pleasant Hill Grain. Not only do you have an excellent selection and variety of quality products, but the prices and customer service are great. No hype, just good old fashioned integrity and service. My hat is off to your company and its principles. I'll recommend you to my friends and acquaintances. – Catherine Arias, San Jose CA

RealSalt Seasoning Salts

RealSalt Gift Box
Seasoned RealSalt: The Real Sea Salt

Granulated Seasoned RealSalt: You haven't fully experienced flavor until you try our new line of seasoning salts the goodness of RealSalt in an onion salt, a garlic salt, and a zesty seasoned salt! Individual shakers of seasoned salts are 8.25 ounce size.

The Gift Box, packaged in a miniature wooden crate, contains one of each flavored salts, plus a shaker of original all-natural RealSalt sea salt... a terrific value. This is a great gift that's not only fun to give and receive, but pays health dividends long into the future! Size of each shaker in the set is 4.75 ounces.

Also see Coarse and Kosher products, below on this page.

RealSalt 8.25 oz. Shaker Organic Onion$8.99 Qty:
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RealSalt 8.25 oz. Shaker Organic Seasoning$8.99 Qty:
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RealSalt 8.25 oz. Shaker Organic Garlic$8.99 Qty:
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RealSalt Organic Seasoning Gift Box$19.99 Qty:
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I'd like to compliment you for making my dealings with your company a very enjoyable experience. Your polite manner, courteous behavior, and professionalism are greatly appreciated. Your company sets the standard for Internet shopping. I will recommend Pleasant Hill Grain highly to all of my friends. Rodney G. Chelius, Jr., Lynnwood WA

Coarse RealSalt: The Real Sea Salt

Coarse RealSalt: Larger crystals linger on the palate longer for the ultimate in robust flavoring.

RealSalt 16 oz. Coarse$8.56 Qty:
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Kosher RealSalt: The Real Sea Salt

Kosher RealSalt: Coarser than granulated, and certified Kosher.

RealSalt Kosher 16 oz Pouch$8.56 Qty:
FREE FedEx SHIPPING if order total is over $99*. ($7.95 flat-rate shipping under $99)         Click for Info/Help
Order Online or by Phone: 1-800-321-1073 Phone hours    Or click to order by Mail or Fax

Your company provides the sort of service I thought did not exist anymore. I'lI purchase more things from you in the future because of your great service and your honesty... Thanks again for all your assistance! – Greg Ortega, Phoenix AZ

Facts About Salt

A Rich History

Salt has become an inexpensive and readily available commodity that most of us take for granted. But in older times salt was heavily taxed and wars were fought over it. In some ancient civilizations, salt was in such high demand that it was actually minted into coins to serve as the basic currency.

Where salt was scarce, it became as valuable as gold. As the Roman stateman Cassiodorus observed, "Some seek not gold, but there lives not a man who does not need salt." Salt was traded ounce-per-ounce with gold — if that were still the case we'd have to pay $300-$400 per ounce of salt!

Because everyone, rich and poor, craves salt, rulers going back at least as far as the Chinese emperor Yu in 2200 B.C. have tried mightily to control and tax it. Salt taxes helped finance empires throughout Europe and Asia, but also inspired a lively black market, smuggling rings, riots, and even revolutions.

Chemically Speaking

Pure salt consists of the elements sodium and chlorine. Its chemical name is sodium chloride and its formula is NaCl. Its mineral name is halite.

Table salt is a chemically simple combination of two components, sodium and chlorine. The basic components of salt are, by themselves, potentially dangerous. Sodium will ignite immediately if it comes into contact with water, and chlorine is poisonous if ingested. In combination, though, the two elements form sodium chloride, commonly known as salt.

The Human Side of Salt

In the body, salt is as important to humans as water or air, in fact each of us contain from four to eight ounces of salt. Salt helps maintain the normal volume of blood in the body and also helps keep the correct balance of water in and around the cells and tissues. It is also necessary for the formation and proper function of nerve fibers, which carry impulses to and from the brain, and plays an important part in the digestion of food and is essential in making the heart beat correctly.

The sodium found in salt is an essential nutrient. Sodium, together with calcium, magnesium and potassium, helps regulate the body's metabolism. In combination with potassium, it regulates the acid-alkaline balance in our blood and is also necessary for proper muscle functioning. When we don't get enough sodium chloride, we experience muscle cramps, dizziness, exhaustion and, in extreme cases, convulsions and death. Salt is essential to our well being.

For years, many researchers have claimed that salt threatens public health, mostly by contributing to high blood pressure. Newer and more extensive research, however, has begun to transform salt's reputation. A recent review of salt studies conducted over the past two decades concluded that there's no reason for doctors to recommend reducing sodium intake for people with normal blood pressure. It may be that most of us are protected from excessive salt by our kidneys, which regulate the body's sodium level and eliminate any excess.

Salt as a Healing Agent

Salt cures aren't new. In the early 19th Century, sick people traveled to rudimentary spas such as French Lick Springs in Indiana and Big Bone Lick, Kentucky, to soak in salt springs. Today's more luxurious spas offer salt baths, glows, rubs and polishes to exfoliate skin, stimulate circulation, and relieve stress.

The Source of Salt

All salts come from a sea, but not all salts come from the oceans we know today. The oceans that once covered the earth left a generous supply of salt beds and underground deposits which provide pure salt unpolluted by modern mankind. Crystaline salt deposits are found on every continent, from oceans that contained an estimated four-and-a-half million cubic miles of salt.

There are two basic methods for removing salt from the ground: room-and-pillar mining and solution mining. In room-and-pillar mining, shafts are sunk into the ground, and miners break up the rock salt with drills. The miners remove chunks of salt, creating huge rooms that are separated by pillars of salt. The room-and-pillar method requires that about half the salt be left behind as pillars. In solution mining, a well is drilled into the ground, and two pipes are lowered into the hole. The pipes consist of a small central pipe inside a larger pipe. The brine is either shipped as a liquid or evaporated in special devices called vacuum pans to form solid salt.

Many Uses of Salt

Only about five percent of the world's annual salt production ends up as seasoning at the dinner table. The vast majority pours into chemical plants, where it leads the five major raw materials utilized by industry: Salt, sulfur, limestone, coal and petroleum.

Salt pickles cucumbers, helps pack meat, can vegetables, cure leather, make glass, bread, butter, cheese, rubber and wood pulp. Salt has some 14,000 uses, more than any other mineral.

Salt is essential. In humans, it is a basic component of taste, along with sweet, sour and bitter.

During the lifetime of the average American, he or she will use:
  • 750 pounds of zinc
  • 800 pounds of lead
  • 1,500 pounds of copper
  • 3,600 pounds of aluminum
  • 26,000 pounds of clay
  • 28,000 pounds of salt
  • 33,000 pounds of iron
  • 365,000 pounds of coal
  • 1,240,000 pounds of sand, gravel and cement

In Your Kitchen

In cooking, salt acts as more than seasoning, pulling flavors together and accenting them. As a dry crystal, it preserves meat and fish by drawing out the moisture. It also acts as a meat tenderizer. It can be employed in a dough that is wrapped around meat or fish and turns into a flavor-sealing crust as it bakes.

Not all salt is the same...

The ordinary table salt that most of us eat is too refined; it lacks the minerals we need. Also, yellow prussiate of soda and other additives and preservatives are added to prevent caking, dextrose is even added to improve flavor. RealSalt contains 50 naturally occurring, beneficial trace minerals including calcium, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper, iodine and zinc.

Berard Olive Wood Double Salt Keeper

Olive Wood Double Salt Keeper

Berard Olive Wood Salt Keeper

live Wood Salt Keeper

Berard Olive Wood Salt Keepers

Swiveling lid with magnetic latch keeps salt fresh and dry while allowing easy one-handed access. Stainless steel hinge resists corrosion.

Each is unique: The graceful olive wood items are produced from very old trees which no longer bear fruit (mainly the branches are used, but the trunk sometimes as well). Each piece is artisanaly produced and Bérard aims to use the maximum of what the tree has to offer. Therefore, uniformity doesn’t exist and the little “imperfections” belong to this natural product. No two pieces are exactly alike, which make them all the more special.

Olive Wood Double Salt Keeper$70.00 Qty:
FREE FedEx SHIPPING if order total is over $99*. ($7.95 flat-rate shipping under $99)         Click for Info/Help
Above: 7" L x 1.9" W x 1.7" H
Olive Wood Salt Keeper$50.00 Qty:
FREE FedEx SHIPPING if order total is over $99*. ($7.95 flat-rate shipping under $99)         Click for Info/Help
Above: Capacity: 8 oz Dimensions: 4.3" diameter
Order Online or by Phone: 1-800-321-1073 Phone hours    Or click to order by Mail or Fax

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