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Magic Mill DLX at Pleasant Hill Grain!

Magic Mill DLX Mixer
(Also known as Electrolux Assistent)

The Magic Mill DLX 2000 is unexcelled in its ability to produce dough with perfectly developed gluten, the kind of dough that will make your baked goods light, fluffy and delicious. From small batches up to 10 loaves at once, the Magic Mill is the ideal machine for bread, and handles all your other mixing needs as well.

is pleased to represent this quality Electrolux product. May we serve you today?

Electrolux Assistent Magic Mill DLX Kitchen Mixer

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Electrolux Assistent Magic Mill DLX Kitchen MixerElectrolux Assistent Magic Mill DLX Kitchen Mixer
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Electrolux sold this mixer for years in the U.S. under the name "Magic Mill DLX." Recently they changed the name to "Electrolux Assistent," but the mixer hasn't been changed a bit... it's still built with care in Sweden by the same people as always.

I'm thoroughly enjoying my Electrolux Assistent DLX mixer. I've become a part-time bread supplier to families at our church and school, and it's helping pay some bills. Thanks for taking such good care of everyone I've sent your way. It's so nice to be able to confidently recommend your company. Keep up the great customer service! Telaina Panzenhagen, Fayetteville, GA

I received the Electrolux DLX mixer I ordered from Pleasant Hill grain on 05/02/03. I started using the mixer that evening, and I'm very pleased with it. I managed to bake 48 loaves of bread this weekend. I built an outdoor wood fired oven in which I can do up to 12 loaves at a time. I was having problems getting enough dough mixed up and risen for my oven. The DLX is a great addition for me. I look forward to many years of use for this mixer. I want to say that everyone at Pleasant Hill has been very professional and informative... I'm sure I will be in touch with you for my next purchase. Great doing business with you. Jerry Wagner, Springfield OR

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The Magic Mill DLX 2000 by Electrolux
Outstanding Capacity, Performance & Value

The Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Assistent has been a Swedish secret for over 50 years. An exceptionally strong dough mixer, the Electrolux DLX has an impeccable reputation for long term reliability and quality results whether you're mixing a cake, whipping a meringue, or baking ten loaves of fresh, light, scrumptious bread.

The Magic Mill DLX Assistent mixer creates smooth, silky, elastic dough quickly and easily with its unique roller and scraper design. This method effectively mimics kneading by hand, minus the time and effort. As the stainless bowl revolves, the deeply fluted roller of the Magic Mill DLX acts as your fingers, with the scraper mimicking the palm of your hand. The Magic Mill scraper folds the dough with a rhythmic motion while the roller provides a powerful massaging action. Dough comes out smooth and elastic, in large or small batches. Any speed from 40 to 140 RPM can be selected, and an electronic speed sensor automatically adjusts motor torque to the load. A timer is standard equipment, so the Magic Mill DLX will do its work while you do other tasks, stopping when you want it to. The control panel is angled for comfortable use, and the large, backlit timer and speed controls are attractive and easy to read.

The large 8 quart stainless steel bowl of the Magic Mill holds up to 28 cups of flour (7 lbs.), to make approximately 15 lbs. of bread dough (7-10 loaves). The efficient, high-torque 450 watt motor runs smoothly and quietly; coupled with an advanced transmission design, it providing ample power to mix and knead even the largest batch of heavy bread dough without straining. The Magic Mill was given its nickname, "The Workhorse Mixer" not by its manufacturer Electrolux, but by users who praise this powerful kitchen helper that's so enjoyable to use.

The Magic Mill's whisk beater bowl (the white bowl in illustration above) will create beautiful meringues, beating to to 18 egg whites (or as few as one) with excellent results. You can also cream butter, margarine and shortening with sugar to the creamiest texture for all your cookie needs. When white bowl is used, it is stationary (unlike the stainless bowl, which turns during use), and the whisks drive from below via a center column in the bowl (the white bowl is shaped something like a bunt cake.) This arrangement provides total access to the top of the Magic Mill bowl, with no overhead motor drive in the way. The beater bowl is sold separately by Magic Mill, but we include it with your mixer at no additional charge. When mixing with either this bowl or the stainless bowl, the only metal in contact with your food is food-grade stainless steel.

The Magic Mill DLX mixer measures 13.5"H x 10.5"W x 15.7"D, weighs only 19 lbs. with stainless bowl. It sits firmly on solid rubber feet, and will not walk on the countertop during use. The entire motor enclosure is made of metal, and is available in your choice of three attractive finishes. The Electrolux Magic Mill DLX mixer has a 3 year manufacturer's warranty on the power unit, 1 year on other parts.

The biggest difference between dense, heavy baked goods and the delightfully textured products you want to enjoy is proper development of the gluten in the dough. The Magic Mill kitchen mixer is unexcelled in its ability to turn out fantastic dough. With the array of available accessories displayed below, it offers to add a myriad of exciting dimensions to your cooking experience. The Magic Mill DLX is a lifetime investment.

Magic Mill DLX Deluxe Pack:
Includes Magic Mill DLX mixer, large capacity stainless steel bowl, roller, scraper and dough hook, plus poly beater-bowl and whips.

The DLX mixer Deluxe Pack is also available in 220V/50HZ for use overseas. Pricing is the same as 120V, but orders must be placed by phone for the 220V/50HZ model. See phone number at bottom of page.

Magic Mill DLX Chef's Pack:
Includes everything in Deluxe Pack above, plus food/meat grinder, sausage stuffer, pasta disk set, fruit/vegetable strainer, hard cheese/nut grater & cookie press.


I have a big family and cook all the time. The Electrolux mixer is just great... it's worth every penny of its price. Alma De Jesus, Niceville FL

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Electrolux DLX in Nonmetallic Black Chrome

Electrolux Mixer in White

Electrolux Mixer in Gray

Electrolux Mixer in Chrome
Attractive, Rugged & Capable: Whichever finish you choose, the Electrolux DLX Magic Mill mixer has the same rugged, long-life construction. The entire base unit is made of metal and is coated with a high grade finish in white, gray, chrome or black chrome. The chrome finish is genuine metallic chrome. The black chrome finish is charcoal gray in color and it is an extremely durable, baked-on finish of the same type as the white and gray models. All come with both stainless steel and plastic bowl and arrive ready to tackle every mixing and bread kneading task you can imagine!
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You've so revolutionized our kitchen... The biggest difference is in the grain we're using. My wife Kate now grinds all our wheat for everything. Last week she made some cranberry pecan scones with fresh-ground Prairie Gold wheat and I nearly killed myself eating them. I cannot believe the difference fresh-ground grain has made in our lives and how easy it is to do. Grinding our own wheat and making our own bread really takes no more effort than going to the grocery store. Plus, we now feel good about feeding our children many of the items we used to feel guilty about. Thanks so much for helping us get started. Add all of this to the Hearth Stone Oven and it's like having a first-class bakery in our own home! Again, thank you for your incredible service, it’s very rare today. – Bart McSpadden, Edmond OK

Your company provides the sort of service I thought did not exist anymore. I'lI purchase more things from you in the future because of your great service and your honesty... Thanks again for all your assistance! Greg Ortega, Phoenix AZ

Magic Mill DLX Mixer Cookbooks & Accessories

Bread For Life Cookbooks

Bread for Life Cookbooks: These two cookbooks are a tremendous boon to Electrolux owners because the recipes in them were developed by author Beth Holland using the Electrolux Magic Mill DLX mixer. Most of the bread recipes in Volume 2 actually contain specific instructions on how to use your Magic Mill mixer to best advantage recipe-by-recipe. Between the quality of these solid, practical recipes, and directions tailor-made for your mixer, we don't know what more a DLX owner could ask for. We recommend getting both, they're great bargains and you'll love them!

Volume 1 has 52 pages and 168 recipes. Most are the simple, basic sort of recipes you need for everyday living. Yeast and quick breads, desserts, and main dishes are among its eight sections. See the table of contents & recipes.
One special note: New Electrolux Magic Mill mixer users will want to start with with the basic bread recipe and the table of contents kind of camoflages it... you'll find it at the top of page 9, titled "Breads and Rolls."

Volume 2 has 184 pages and 250 recipes. This volume adds more basics, but also ventures into greater creativity. There are many more yeast breads, from "Linda's Bread" (basic whole grain) to "Maple Nut Twist Coffee Cake", "Zesty Tomato Pesto" and "Toasted Pecan Date Bread." Nine recipe sections cover Sourdough as well as Cereals, Main Dishes, Hor D'Oeurves & Toppings,
and many more. See the table of contents & recipes.

writeProdBox_ListItem "69-BFLV1", "Bread For Life Vol. 1", "9.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItem "69-BFLV2", "Bread For Life Vol. 2", "17.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>
>>> Basic and advanced Bread Making Videos by Beth Holland also are available, in our cookbooks & media section.

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Electrolux Assistent Magic Mill DLX Kitchen Mixer

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Stainless Bowl Tools (included standard)

The roller and scraper
for the stainless steel bowl are included with every Electrolux Magic Mill DLX mixer from Pleasant Hill Grain. (Pictured above on mixer.)

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-ROLLER", "Electrolux Roller", "19.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItem "27-SCRAPER", "Electrolux Scraper", "19.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>
Electrolux Assistent Magic Mill DLX Kitchen Mixer

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Dough Hook (included standard)

The dough hook for the stainless bowl comes standard with your Electrolux mixer. It's listed here in case you've lost yours while moving or your pet elephant has latched on to it for a toothpick. Most people actually never use the dough hook — it's needed only for extremely stiff mixes; for normal doughs and batters the roller and scraper (above) are preferred.

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-HOOK", "Electrolux Dough Hook", "49.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>
Electrolux Assistent Magic Mill DLX Kitchen Mixer

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Whisk Bowl & Whisks

Our Electrolux mixer packages include the whisk bowl and whisks, so when you purchase the mixer you receive both bowls. If you want another whisk bowl or whisks for your Electrolux, you can order it here. The whisk drive and pair of whisks pictured in bowl are sold separately. Also please note that the bowl's center drive shaft is not included with the bowl, so be sure to add that to the cart if you don't already have a drive shaft to use. This bowl is rated by Electrolux at 6 qt. capacity. (That's the volume as measured to bowl rim, which is the common industry standard of measure; practical usable capacity is 4.5 qt.)

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-PLASBO", "Electrolux 6 Qt. Plastic Bowl", "34.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItem "27-SHAFT9850", "Electrolux Drive Shaft", "9.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItem "27-BEATWHI", "Electrolux Beater & Whisks", "39.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>
No Photo, See Above

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Stainless Bowl (included standard)

Every Electrolux mixer we sell includes this bowl, but if you want an extra or replacement bowl, we have them. Eight quart capacity.

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-STAINBO", "Electrolux 8 Qt. Stainless Bowl", "99.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>

The items pictured above are included when you purchase your Electrolux mixer from Pleasant Hill Grain, a factory authorized Electrolux dealer. Below you'll find additional accessories available to further expand the usefulness of your Electrolux kitchen center.

Save on Chef's
Accessory Pack
for Electrolux
Assistent DLX

Electrolux Assistent DLX Accessory Pack

This set of six accessories for the Electrolux Assistent includes:

Food/Meat Grinder
Sausage Stuffer
Pasta Disk Set
Fruit/Vegetable Strainer
Hard Cheese/Nut Grater
Cookie Press

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-CPACKACC", "Electrolux Chef's Pack Acc. Set", "229.00" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>
Electrolux Assistent Magic Mill DLX Kitchen Mixer

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Blender

Five cup capacity blender for the Electrolux Assistent/Magic Mill DLX mixer.

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-DLXBLENDER", "Blender Complete for Electrolux Mixer", "49.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>

Electrolux Assistent Magic Mill DLX Kitchen Mixer

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Citrus Juicer

Make fresh citrus juices easily in minutes with your Electrolux mixer.

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-CITRUS", "Electrolux Citrus Juicer", "24.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>

I'd like to compliment you for making my dealings with your company a very enjoyable experience. Your polite manner, courteous behavior, and professionalism are greatly appreciated. Your company sets the standard for Internet shopping. I will recommend Pleasant Hill Grain highly to all of my friends. Rodney G. Chelius, Jr., Lynnwood WA
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Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Food Processor

Slices, grates and shreds a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and cheeses. Includes three stainless steel drums and food pusher.

Food Processor with 3 drums:
Std. Drum 1: Medium Shredder: Grates graham crackers, carrots (carrot cake), cheese, nuts for toppings, etc.
Std. Drum 2: Slicer: Slices vegetables, fruits, cabbage, onions, etc. Nuts can also be coarsely chopped.
Std. Drum 3: Large Shredder: Grates cheese, apples (apple cake), potatoes (hash browns), nuts for toppings, etc.

Extender drum set (Three additional drums):

Extender Set Drum 4: Extra Fine Drum. For hard cheese, nuts, chocolate, stale bread.
Extender Set Drum 5: Special Drum. For celery, carrots.
Extender Set Drum 6: Potato Grating Drum. Uses include grating potatoes for potato pancakes.

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-FOODPROC", "Electrolux Food Processor", "110.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItem "27-DRUMEXT", "Electrolux Drum Extender Set", "68.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>

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Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Grain & Spice Mill

Grind your own flour from wheat, barley, rice, buckwheat; also grinds coffee and spices.

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-GRMILL", "Electrolux Grain Mill", "105.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>

I'm so happy to have discovered Pleasant Hill Grain. Not only do you have an excellent selection and variety of quality products, but the prices and customer service are great. No hype, just good old fashioned integrity and service. My hat is off to your company and its principles. I'll recommend you to my friends and acquaintances. -- Catherine Arias, San Jose CA
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Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Flaker Mill

Flaker mill: Great for making fresh oatmeal from oat groats (groats are oats that have had the hulls removed commercially and are available from health food sources.) Home made oatmeal made with this process is have thicker, chewier flakes than the store-purchased sort, and are, of course, infinitely fresher tasting. Harder grains (most wheat, for example) tend to shatter in the roller, which can be desireable for some purposes.

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-FLAKER", "Electrolux Flaker Mill", "105.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>

Bosch Universal Kitchen Lowest Prices

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Meat/Food Grinder

Grind meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables and a variety of other foods. Includes: 4.5mm (hole size) disk, feeder tray and food plunger. (Sausage stuffer not included.) This is a very high quality grinder that can process a lot of food quickly. The accessory 6 mm disk listed is good for sausage making and the accessory 2.5 mm disk is for mincing. Accessory sausage stuffing tube attaches onto end of grinder. .

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-GRINDER", "Electrolux Meat Grinder", "114.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItem "27-SAUSTUF", "Electrolux Sausage Stuffer", "14.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItem "27-DISK6", "Electrolux Grinder Disk 6mm", "20.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItem "27-DISK45", "Electrolux Grinder Disk 4.5mm", "20.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItem "27-DISK25", "Electrolux Grinder Disk 2.5mm", "20.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>
You were responsive, friendly, informative, honest about your appraisal of product function and quality, and took all the time I needed to make a decision. I wish you success and hope to do business with you in the future. Mike Taves, Ithaca NY
Bosch Universal Kitchen Lowest Prices

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Strainer

Purees a variety of fruits, berries & vegetables. Used with meat grinder (see above.)

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-STRAINER", "Electrolux Strainer", "34.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>
Bosch Universal Kitchen Lowest Prices

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Grater

Quickly grates nuts, potatoes & hard cheeses. Holes are 2mm. Food chunks are fed through the meat grinder and pass into the drum, then grated from the inside out. Drum diameter is 2". Used with meat grinder (see above.)

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-NUTGRAT", "Electrolux Grater and Nut Grinder", "34.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>
Bosch Universal Kitchen Lowest Prices

Electrolux Magic Mill DLX Pasta Discs

Makes several pasta shapes. Used with meat grinder (see above.) Electrolux doesn't include recipes; we do include two starter recipes with the disk set, but if you're new to pasta making, we very strongly recommend Donna German's book, The Pasta Machine Cookbook. It's a real bargain for the new pasta chef, with over 100 pasta recipes and great beginner instructions.

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-PASTA", "Electrolux Pasta Maker", "24.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>

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Bosch Universal Kitchen Lowest Prices

Electrolux Magic Mill Cookie Attachment

Mounts on the meat grinder (see above.)

writeProdBox_ListItem "27-COOKIE", "Electrolux Cookie Press", "19.95" %>
writeProdBox_ListItemEnd %>
After four years of experience with Pleasant Hill Grain, I can't think of another company of any kind that I can recommend as highly as yours. Your service is outstanding; it's a real pleasure doing business with you. Lori Itano, Wheaton IL

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Fresh baked bread is always a taste treat! But what about nutrition? Grain flour has truly fabulous nutritional value when it's freshly milled, but nutrient values plunge just a few days after milling. What's more, mass marketers remove the most nutritious parts from the grain in favor of long-term (nutritionless) shelf life. "Refined" white flour is a marvel of marketing efficiency, and its nutritional value is roughly on a par with marshmallows. When you consider that your body becomes what you eat, this is a serious problem. Fortunately a great solution is available. By milling whole grains in your kitchen you can have the freshest, best tasting baked goods that are fully loaded with the nutrients our bodies need for wellness and vitality. Pleasant Hill Grain offers the best grain mills on the market and you can see them here.

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Your company is amazing... I will be spreading Pleasant Hill Grain's name far and wide. Thanks so much! Helen Atwood, Chesapeake VA

Let me express my appreciation and praise for the sincere and personable customer service each of your people demonstrated in fulfilling my order. You provide the small town warmth and genuine, neighborly services of the local country store many of us knew in the 1950's and 60's. My wife and I will refer everyone we know to Pleasant Hill Grain. We know they’ll have a rewarding experience. -- Dennis Ronan, Keizer OR

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