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How to Make Bread/How to Bake Bread

Would you like to buy the very best... for less... and enjoy personal service too? At Pleasant Hill Grain we offer the finest kitchen tools, at great prices, and provide personal service both before and after your purchase. We appreciate your visit today and hope you enjoy your time at our shop. Please call or e-mail if you have questions or if we can assist you in any way.  We like to help and we'd love to hear from you!

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How to Make Bread: Instruction & Resources for Bread Baking
~ There's nothing like tasty homemade bread! ~

Pleasant Hill Grain has what you need to make bread!
  • Bread Baking Instruction Resources: Pleasant Hill Grain offers how-to cookbooks and videos covering every aspect of bread making. We have books, tapes and DVD's on yeast breads, gluten-free breads, whole grain breads, quick breads... basically all kinds of breads, in our Books & Media section. If you don't know a whole grain from hole in the wall yet, these resources will take you step-by-step to your first delicious loaf of homemade bread, and then to anywhere else you want to go. And if you're already an expert, they'll make you a greater one!

  • Bread Dough Mixers: Mixing and kneading a loaf of bread by hand is great fun, but it's also strenuous and time consuming if you need to do very much of it. Our Bosch Mixers are the perfect tool for mixing and kneading dough for anywhere from one to six loaves of bread at a time. Most kitchen mixers (even the most famous names) will quickly break down if asked to do the work that a machine like the Bosch Universal Mixer takes in stride, day in and day out. The superior gluten development of the Bosch kneading action produces fabulous texture and taste. Making bread with a Bosch mixer is fast, easy, fun and economical!

  • Whole Grain Flour Mills for the Home Kitchen: Fresh bread is always tasty, but you're getting scant nutrition if all your flour is store-bought (even if the label says "whole wheat.") Whole grains are a treasure house of vital nutritional goodness, but to get the full benefit of those riches, flour must be milled fresh from whole grains shortly before use. Grain loses the majority of many nutrients within just three days of milling, due to exposure to oxygen -- and no method of packaging, chemical stabilization, or even refrigeration, can prevent that. What to do? Simple! Use a convenient high speed home grain mill to turn whole grains into totally fresh, wonderfully fine flour, right on your kitchen countertop. Mills like the extremely popular Nutrimill, Family Grain Mill & Country Living Grain Mill are quick, clean and couldn't be easier to use. Best of all, they restore the nutrition to your diet that's been stripped from the shelf-stabilized, realfood-wannabees.

  • Commercial Mixers & Commercial Grain Mills: Great values on quality commercial-grade machines for the serious small business!

  • Whole Grains Wheat, Oats, Lentils, Beans & More : Start with the finest natural whole grains for the best results.

  • Bakeware: Find Norpro loaf pans, French bread pans, stainless steel cooking sheets... a cornucopia of essential goodies, in Bakeware.

  • Quality Baking Ingredients: SAF Red Label instant yeast... dough enhancer... vital gluten... pure Mexican vanilla extract... quality Baking Ingredients are fundamental to great bread baking results.

  • Cook's Tools: From thermometers that reveal exactly when your bread's perfectly done, to dough dividers, whisks, timers and more... the Cook's Tools that make kitchen tasks easier, quicker & more fun! Be sure to check out the new Perfect Beaker... you may want more than one!

  • Explore Pleasant Hill Grain's online store... Our special kitchen machines, tools and resources will light up your culinary endeavors & add nutritional goodness to all the products of your kitchen! Bread making is one of our specialties, with a wide array of products that can be explored in the links below. If this is your first visit, welcome to Pleasant Hill Grain... We hope you'll be returning for years to come!

Hard red wheat in the Nutrimill grain mill. Also grinds whole white wheat & more.
Above: Hard red wheat in
the Nutrimill grain mill.
Buying Wheat & Other Whole Grains & Beans

Pleasant Hill Grain sells whole grain wheat, other grains, and beans: Choose from hard red or hard white wheat, both ideal for breadmaking as well as many other uses, including sprouting. Breads made with hard red and hard white wheats will be very similar; the main difference is that red wheat produces a fuller, heartier flavor, and the bread will have a slightly darker color. Many of our customers prefer the white and a good number prefer the red — it's a matter of taste. If you're just starting out with whole grain baking and don't know how to pick, we suggest starting with hard white wheat. We also offer soft durum wheat for pasta and other uses, spelt, kamut, rye, quinoa, oat groats, buckwheat, barley, brown, basmati and white rice, soybeans, millet, corn, and a range of dry beans. All are packaged oxygen-free in sealed food-safe buckets, for secure storage.

Grain page: Click here to learn more about, or to purchase, whole grain products

You've so revolutionized our kitchen... The biggest difference is in the grain we're using. My wife Kate now grinds all our wheat for everything. Last week she made some cranberry pecan scones with fresh-ground Prairie Gold wheat and I nearly killed myself eating them. I cannot believe the difference fresh-ground grain has made in our lives and how easy it is to do. Grinding our own wheat and making our own bread really takes no more effort than going to the grocery store. Plus, we now feel good about feeding our children many of the items we used to feel guilty about. Thanks so much for helping us get started. Add all of this to the Hearth Stone Oven and it's like having a first-class bakery in our own home! Again, thank you for your incredible service, it’s very rare today. – Bart McSpadden, Edmond OK

As much as I like my Bosch mixer, I love your customer service even more. I recommend your company to friends, family and acquaintances. Your level of customer service is something I've never experienced from another company. I'll be buying a Nutrimill soon, and I wouldn't consider buying it anywhere other than Pleasant Hill Grain! Julie D, Auburn WA

With life getting more sped up, impersonal and complicated, it's wonderful to find the old fashioned values, humanity and helpfulness that you can count on receiving from Pleasant Hill Grain. Your assistance provided me with better information than I could have found elsewhere, and saved me a lot of time. Thanks for making shopping so easy and such a joy. Mary Napier, Des Plaines IL
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