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Grain Mills - Lifetime Warranty - Grainmaster Whisper Mill Flour MillsGrain Master Whisper Mills
  • Fine Flour, Fast & Easy: The Whisper Mill grain mill's heart is its innovative Microburst milling chamber. Scores of durable stainless steel fins spinning at high speed literally explode grain to produce a very fine flour. This "impact milling" technology has all the advantages of the old stone flour mills but none of their problems; there's no gumming, jamming or glazing, and the GrainMaster Whisper Mill won't overheat.
  • Quiet: While other impact grain mills are notorious for having extremely loud, painfully high-pitched sound levels, the Whisper Mill sounds like a quiet vacuum cleaner in use. Oftentimes customers tell us they have one of those other grain mills, and are buying the Whisper Mill because they're just sick of the sound level; many have been wearing ear protectors to mill their grain, and some have been milling outdoors!
  • Powerful: Whisper Mill grinds nearly 100 lbs. of flour per hour. Its strong 1-3/4 h.p. motor is maintenance-free. Whisper Mill runs on standard 110 volt current. (220v mills available.)
  • Multi Grain & Bean Milling: The Whisper Mill mills wheat (both hard and soft), oats, rice, triticale, kamut, spelt, dried pinto beans, dried green beans, popcorn, split peas, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, sorghum, dried mung beans, soybeans, dried corn and chick peas. This grain mill's djustable from normal bread flour to the finest flour for pastry. (The Whisper Mill is not suitable for herbs, spices, oilseeds, flax or fibrous materials.)
  • Protects Nutrients: Whisper Mill's impact milling heads mill flour at a cool, constant temperature to keep all of the fresh whole grain nutrition in your food.
  • Easy to Use: Just turn it on, put up to 8 cups of grain in the hopper, and the Whisper Mill quickly gives you 12 cups of fine flour in the storage container, ready to use. And unlike many grain mills, the Whisper Mill won't create a cloud of dust in your kitchen.
  • Self-Cleaning: The Whisper Mill's heads are self cleaning: Just wipe the grain hopper with a cloth, rinse the separator lid, and the Whisper Mill is clean.
  • Easy to Store: Whisper Mill's body is 12" high and has a trim 8.5" footprint, so it doesn't take much storage space. The flour bin's connector tube pops out of the mill, swivels over and tucks into a recess in the lid. Solid lid goes on flour bin for flour storage.
  • Lifetime Warranty! (And this unsurpassed warranty includes the Whisper Mill's Microburst milling heads!)

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Family Grain Mill is manual or electric!Family Grain Mill
  • Illustrated: Flaker Mill on Motor Base, Grain Mill on Hand Base, and detached Veg. Processor. For a mill that offers either hand or electric operation, the quality and performance of the Family Grain Mill make it an unbeatable value.
  • Modular Design: Any component of the Family Grain Mill ("FGM") may be purchased either individually or in cost saving, multi-component packages. You may purchase the hand base or the electric drive base (or both), and all accessories will interchange between the two, locking in place easily with a twist of the wrist. (Hand base is available free during reduction sale.) Optional adapter will allow you to drive Family Grain Mill accessories with a Bosch Universal mixer.
  • Versatile Multi-Grain milling: The grind is infinitely adjustable, from fine for bread flour, to medium for "Cream Of Wheat" style cereals, or coarse for steel cut or cracked grain. The milling head grinds corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, rye, barley, rice, spelt, flax, buckwheat, millet, coffee, kamut, quinoa, and sesame (doesn't grind popcorn.) It will also mill some chopped, dry, non-oily herbs and spices. The Family Grain Mill grinds cool to preserve nutrients. Large five cup hopper capacity. The vegetable processor head processes vegetables, nuts, fruits and cheese with 3 included stainless steel drums. The flaker mill head flakes soft grains and is popular for fresh homemade oatmeal, making a hearty flake from oat groats (oats with the hulls removed) that's thicker and chewier than store-bought flaked oats.
  • Grinds Herbs & Spices: Click for more info.
  • Quality Construction: Manufactured in Germany by Messerschmidt, the Family Grain Mill is built with premium Lexan and high carbon steel, with great attention to detail. It's a durable grain mill capable of a lifetime of dependable use.
  • Nutrient Preservation: The milling head's conical steel burrs shear grain without friction, avoiding the heat created by most grain mills heat that can destroy many of the nutrients in your flour. And unlike stone burrs, steel burrs won't gum up or glaze, and don't add grit to your flour. The Family Grain Mill's high carbon steel burrs are long lasting and easily replaceable.
  • Fast & Easy to Use: A cup of fine flour is produced in just two minutes in hand operation, or a minute and a half with the electric base. Because it doesn't grind with friction, the FGM's hand operated base turns easily, much easier than most hand operated mills. Overall time/effort is four times less than required by most hand mills that produce a coarser flour.
  • Fast Cleanup & Dust-Free Operation: Family Grain Mill components remove quickly for cleaning. The grain mill head disassembles completely in five seconds, so it's quick and easy to have your mill ready for its next use. And where many mills create a cloud of flour dust to settle everywhere, the FGM operates dust-free.
  • Quiet: The Family Grain Mill is very easy on your ears.
  • Easy Setup, Compact Storage: The Family Grain Mill motor base is free-standing in use, while the hand base clamps quickly and securely onto a table or counter edge, without marring. Small or large bowls will fit under the mill head to collect flour. Modular design of the Family Grain Mill stores compactly.
  • Mills: Wheat flour corn meal / flour oat flour rye flour barley flour rice flour spelt flour. Flax flour buckwheat flour millet flour coffee kamut flour sesame, and more.
  • Lifetime Warranty (excluding replaceable burrs)

Ultramill grain flour mills at Pleasant Hill Grain! New! Ultramill

Ultramill, by Kitchen Resource, mills a long list of whole grains and beans into fresh, nutritious flour quickly and easily. 12 cups of wheat becomes 20 cups of fine flour in less than 3.5 minutes! The fineness of the Ultramill grain mill's flour will enable you to make the light textured baked goods you and your family enjoy.

Compact: Stores compactly, measuring only 9.5" wide, 11.5" long, 13.5" high.

Long Life: The micro-milling chamber works without the grinding friction of old fashioned stone burr mills. Mechanical wear is virtually eliminated, ensuring trouble-free use. And Ultramill grain mills come with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty!

Clean Operating: Separator cup and air filter keep flour in mill, not on home surfaces.

Nutrient-Safe: Advanced engineering keeps flour in the safe-temperature zone, ensuring the maximum nutritional benefit of milling whole foods.

Versatile: Mills wheat (both hard and soft), oats, rice, triticale, kamut, spelt, dried pinto beans, dried green beans, popcorn, split peas, buckwheat, barley, rye, millet, sorghum, dried mung beans, soybeans, dried corn and chick peas. (The Ultramill is not suitable for herbs, spices, oilseeds, flax or fibrous materials.)

Sound Attenuation: Balanced milling chamber and hopper lid reduce sound level to that of a normal vacuum cleaner.

New Pre-Cracker: Ultramill's milling chamber incorporates a new pre-cracker design; unlike some impact grain mills, the Ultramill allows you to add grain either before or after the mill is turned on.

Quality Refinement: When the Ultramill was first introduced last June, Pleasant Hill Grain found that it needed significant improvements in several aspects of design. The manufacturer has addressed those problems, and our testing of current production has satisfied us that the Ultramill is now a fine quality product. We're happy to offer this new mill to you now, with its unique combination of features and value.

Available in colors! Ultramill comes in 6 vivid colors: Smoke, white, blue, red, green or yellow. The white color is opaque (it blocks light); the other colors are translucent (see-through.)
Click here to see color selection of Ultramill grain mills.

Full Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty! (Including the Ultramill's Microburst milling heads!)

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Which of these grain mills is the best?

The answer really depends on you and your individual needs; each of these excellent grain mills is the best choice for certain people. We can offer some thoughts that may help you choose.

If you don't need a nonelectric mill or the option to grind coarsely, then impact-type grain mills are ideal. They're very fast and they grind all of the dry grains, most beans, and some non-oily seeds, into very fine flour. If they require any adjustment, it takes literally a second or two to do. They're louder than some types of grain mills, but these new-generation impact mills are far quieter than the earlier versions from 10 years ago, and almost all buyers now agree that they're fully quiet enough to use comfortably. The best way to describe their sound level is simply to say that they sound like normal vacuum cleaners. If your electric vacuum doesn't offend your ears, then a modern impact mill, which will run only a couple of minutes to make flour for several loaves of bread, won't bother. Impact mills never glaze over like stone burr mills can, and unlike stones, the milling heads of the impact mills we carry won't break and virtually don't wear -- if you ever did wear them out, replacement is free from the manufacturers.

So... which impact mill? Tougher question. We'll tell you what we know, then the choice is yours. The Whisper Mill and the Ultramill both make flour that's ideal for light baked goods, but each has distinctive advantages.

The Whisper Mill is noticeably quieter than the Ultramill, it has a long track record of outstanding service, and it's adjustable between settings of fine and extra fine, the latter normally being used for pastry flour. (The Ultramill has one setting, "fine.") The Whisper Mill is also easier to handle... between the two impact mills, we definitely recommend the Whisper Mill for anyone with arthritic hands. Its flour capacity is less than the Ultramill's, but it's easy to reload, and if you don't need more than 12 cups of flour (you should mill only what you'll use within about 3 days), then the difference is irrelevant anyway. And using the Whisper Mill will keep your countertop cleaner, because removing its finished flour doesn't require exposing the bottom of the milling chamber (as is done after using the Ultramill.) If any of these qualities is worth a little price difference to you, then we believe you'll be very pleased with the Whisper Mill, as so many of our customers have been. The praises of the Whisper Mill are sung by tens of thousands of highly satisfied owners worldwide.

The new Ultramill also has its own unique merits. It stores in about 1/3 less space, yet its 20 cup flour capacity is 2/3 greater than the Whisper Mill's. It has a nice new feature that allows you to start it with grain in the hopper without causing plugging, something you can't do with the Whisper Mill. It comes in several attractive color choices, and -- not to be forgotten -- it costs somewhat less. The Ultramill's smaller-diameter exhaust filter makes it more susceptible to problems in humid conditions, but this is something that can be worked around without much difficulty if you know the right technique (we include the advice with your purchase.)

If a versatile mill with non-electric option or the ability to grind either coarse OR fine is what you need, then the Family Grain Mill (FGM) is unbeatable. You can buy the hand base alone, or the electric base, or both. The FGM is a very high quality tool (unlike most hand mills) and it is very versatile, offering the ability to grind flour, crack grain for cereals or those nice "chewies" in your breads, grind meat, stuff sausages, flake oats for fresh oatmeal (have you ever tasted fresh oatmeal?), even process vegetables. With its low price, some of our customers order the hand base version of the FGM in addition to an impact mill, for its many unique and useful possibilities.

All three grain mills are quality machines that will provide years of enjoyable service and time savings. If you have questions we haven't addressed, we'll be happy to try to help further; our toll-free phone number is just below. Thank you very much for shopping with us!

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