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Above: One 500cc oxygen absorber packet.

Sealed package of 50 absorbers.

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Oxygen Absorbers for Food Storage

Oxygen Absorbers: Our premium oxygen absorbers remove the oxygen from airtight sealed food storage containers. Removing oxygen stops oxidation, to dramatically extend food shelf life. Eliminating oxygen also prevents all activity by insects even if any are present in the container at the time it is sealed. The absorbers are non-toxic and food safe (the principal ingredients are powdered iron and salt.) Two 500cc packets are sufficient to remove the oxygen from a six gallon bucket completely filled with wheat (or similar grain). Absorbers can be used in containers with any kind of food. If you fill a bucket with a foodstuff that has less density than wheat, then there will be more air in the bucket, so more absorber packets should be used accordingly. (Also note that altitude has a great affect on air density and therefore on the amount of oxygen in a given volume of space. This means if you live on top of a mountain in Colorado, you can get by with somewhat fewer absorbers than average, and if you live at a very low altitude... don't skimp.) Packets are sold vacuum-sealed, in quantity of 50 packets per bag.

Absorption Rating:
Each absorber is rated at 500cc, which means that each will absorb at least 500 cubic centimeters of oxygen from your storage container, when used as directed. Absorbers are single-use, meaning that once they have absorbed oxygen from a storage container as they're designed to do, they can't be reused.

Use Guidelines:
Oxygen absorbers are shipped in an airtight sealed bag. When you open that outer bag, the absorbers soon begin absorbing oxygen from the atmosphere. The absorbers contain enough active ingredient so that you can leave them in the open atmosphere for 30-45 minutes before you seal them into your food containers. Because of this natural working-time limitation, it's important to have your storage containers filled and ready to put the lids onto, before you open the package of 50 absorbers. If you need to use fewer than 50 absorbers and want to save the rest for use later, you can effectively re-seal the extra absorbers in an airtight bag using a home or commercial vacuum sealing machine. Inside your storage container, oxygen absorbers can be placed under or within food, but we recommend putting them on top so you don't lose track of which containers you've put absorbers into.

Container & Lid Suitability: If using oxygen absorbers in plastic buckets, you need to use standard hammer-on lids (not Gamma Lids.) Gamma Lids are airtight, but are not designed to counteract the force of pressure that's created when all of the oxygen in the container is removed by oxygen absorbers. Once the standard lid is initially removed to start using the contents, a Gamma Lid can be used to re-seal the bucket against moisture, rodents and insects. A quality bucket and hammer-on gasketed lid will provide a fully adequate oxygen barrier for at least a couple years of storage. For even longer term oxygen-free storage, inside your buckets you can also use Mylar liner bags which, when heat-sealed shut around your food, will effectively block oxygen permeation for years and years.

Shelf Life: Absorbers in their original sealed bag have a shelf life of 1 year.

Oxygen Absorbers 500CC (50 ea.)$12.99 Qty:
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Your company provides the sort of service I thought did not exist anymore. I'lI purchase more things from you in the future because of your great service and your honesty... Thanks again for all your assistance! – Greg Ortega, Phoenix AZ

Mylar Bags

There are different, "Ziplock" Mylar bags on the market, which some websites claim don't really need to be heat sealed. That's incorrect if the goal is an oxygen-impermeable seal, which is the whole point of using Mylar bags. A Ziplock style closure allows rapid oxygen transfer, quickly leaving your food unprotected. A Mylar bag can be heat sealed above the Ziplock closure, so the Ziplock strip can remain after the bag has been unsealed for use of its contents. But since Mylar bags with the Ziplock feature are about twice the price of standard Mylar bags, we believe Gamma Lids are the smarter, more versatile way to provide physical closure to your in-use containers. (You need Gamma-Lidded buckets for only as many product types as you'll have open at once, because they're infinitely re-sealable. Just transfer each new bucket's contents into the Gamma-lidded container after opening.) Standard Mylar bags and a few Gamma Lids provide superior protection at lower cost!

Mylar Bags for Food Storage

Mylar Vacuum-Sealable Bags: Mylar bags are a special type of metalized vacuum-sealable bag. Just like standard vacuum bags, they have an inner layer of FDA approved food safe polyethelene. The poly layer has a relatively low melting point, so it can be heat-sealed to close the bag air tight. Fused to the outside of the poly layer is a layer of nylon that acts as a strong barrier to oxygen soak-through (a far better barrier than poly.) Nylon cannot be heat-sealed, but the duo of poly and nylon is heat-sealable and highly impermeable to oxygen. What distinguishes Mylar bags is a third layer of thin, flexible metal fused to the outside of the nylon layer. This thin metal layer provides the ultimate oxygen barrier. And outside the metal layer is another polymer layer for abrasion resistance. Mylar bags are the best choice for multi-year oxygen-free storage of food (or other goods.) They also provide the maximum barrier against moisture and any vapors that may be in the storage environment, including possible fuel vapors. Mylar bags are normally used as liners inside a rugged container (typically a quality plastic bucket) that will protect your goods and the Mylar bag from physical damage (including damage from vermin.)

Size: These durable 4 mil thickness Mylar bags pre-sealed on three sides to form the bag. The large bags are sized for use inside either a 5 or 6 gallon bucket, leaving enough bag sticking out the top, to be heat sealed. The large bags (20" wide x 30" deep) are sold individually as well as in cases of 100. Smaller 8" x 12" bags are good for a variety of smaller-quantity storage uses and are sold in case quantity of 100.

Two steps must be taken to protect your food with Mylar bags. One is that you must seal the bag, and the other is that you must get the oxygen out. Sealing the bag can be done with a commercial impulse sealer. That's a machine that fuses the bag mouth shut. A straight impulse sealer does NOT vacuum air out of the bag, it just seals it shut. Commercial impulse sealers are available with wide enough seal bars to span the full 20" width of the large Mylar bags. A 24"-bar sealer is available below. Another way to seal the bag shut is to use a common household "Seal-a-Meal" type of machine. Those machines are normally used (with smaller bags) to both extract air AND to seal a bag shut. Such home-use vacuum-sealing machines don't have a wide enough opening to extract the air from a 20" wide bag, but they CAN seal such a wide bag opening shut (without air extraction), by using their "seal only" mode and simply sealing multiple connecting bands across the full width of the bag opening. A fairly large home vacuum sealer can seal a 20" wide bag using that method, in just two "bites." It's less convenient than the commercial impulse sealer, but it does offer the advantage of versatility... meaning that when you're not sealing 20" wide Mylar bags, the "Seal-a-Meal" type of machine can be used to seal lots of products (with or without vacuuming out the air) in smaller bags as well as other types of containers. It's a excellent way to greatly extend the fresh taste and nutrient quality of foods on the counter, or in the fridge or freezer, by eliminating the rapid degrading effects of oxygen. If you don't already have a home vacuum sealer, you can see those machines here. (Important clarification: Home-type vacuum sealers, in order to extract air from the bag, require use of plastic bags having an embossed inside surface. BUT if you only want to seal a bag and not use it to extract air, then home-type machines WILL accomplish that sealing function on smooth-surfaced bags like the Mylar bags, that do not have an embossed surface.)

The second step (oxygen removal): You could spend $8,000 on a huge chamber-style vacuum machine designed to vacuum-extract the contents of a large bucket, and seal the Mylar bag. A much less expensive route, and one that's equally effective, is to simply put one or more oxygen absorber packets into the bag before you seal the bag closed. For small-scale operations, oxygen absorbers are highly economical, reliable, and easy to use, and they're available on this same Web page, here: Non-Toxic Oxygen Absorbers.

Interestingly... there's a reason why these bags look like Mylar party balloons. It's because they're made of a commercial version of the same material as the balloons. Helium is an extremely tiny atom, even for a gas. In an ordinary latex balloon, a special chemical coating must be added to keep the helium corralled... without that coating, the helium atoms holler "Adios, we're outta here" and zip right out through the balloon's wall, leaving it shriveled and very un-party-like. Whether or not helium contacts your food is irrelevant, because helium is highly inert. But Mylar's ability to stop the passage of even tiny helium atoms is great testimony to its effectiveness against much larger molecules including O2 and H2O!

Mylar Bag 20x30 inch, Single$1.23 Qty:
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Mylar Bags 20x30 inch, Case of 100$115.60 Qty:
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Mylar Bags 8x12 Inch, Case of 100$34.96 Qty:
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Impulse Sealer 24"
Click for larger image

DMC 24" Commercial
Impulse Heat Sealer
DMC Long-Bar Commercial Impulse Heat Sealer

DMC Commercial Impulse Sealer: Seals bags of any length and up to 24" wide. Seal width is 2.8mm. Impulse timer is adjustable from 1-8 seconds for perfect seals. Easy operation: Just place bag between seal bars and press upper arm down. Release arm when red indicator lamp goes out. Replacement wear parts kit included. This sealer will work on virtually any plastic bag type, including bags made for commercial vacuum sealing (including Mylar bags) as well as on bags made for consumer vacuum machines, and also on plain poly bags.


4.2"W x 9.75"H x 32"L. Seal width 23.6" (wide enough for 24" plastic between edge seals; also works equally well for smaller bag sizes.)

Full one year warranty.

DMC 24" Impulse Bag Sealer: $179.95 See our special pricing below.

FREE Shipping on orders over $99 total... & No Sales Tax!*

DMC Impulse Sealer 24 Inch$139.99 Qty:
FREE FedEx SHIPPING if order total is over $99*. ($7.95 flat-rate shipping under $99)         Click for Info/Help
Order Online or by Phone: 1-800-321-1073 Phone hours    Or click to order by Mail or Fax

Commercial Chamber Style Vacuum Sealers
Home & Commercial Style Vacuum Sealers

You can see home kitchen style vacuum sealers here. These machines offer low initial investment.

You can see
commercial chamber vacuum sealers here.
Commercial sealers use economical commercial vac pouches for long-term savings.

Vacuum sealers offer a fast,
easy way to dramatically extend product shelf life by eliminating oxygen to stop the effects of oxidation.

Pleasant Hill Grain also offers complete 1-Year Foodpak™ food supplies
These complete packages provide top quality grains, dehydrated vegetables, fruits, dairy products & more, prepared for long-term storage.
The 1-year/1-person food packages can, optionally, be divided as six months for two persons, etc.

Click for info on FoodPaks™

Grain Milling Demo Set
from Pleasant Hill Grain

Pleasant Hill Grain is a Member
of the Better Business Bureau
The Great Grain Robbery: Seeing is Believing!

Seeing the Story: Want to show your family and friends just what they're losing when they eat food made with processed "white flour"? They say a picture's worth a thousand words, and we hope this demo set will help open more eyes to the reality of the situation. The first of the six vials in this set contains whole wheat kernels, recognized throughout history as the "staff of life." At the opposite end is bleached white flour... as gleaming and nutritionless as industrial science can make it.

The four middle vials showcase the nutritional riches that today's commercial millers sacrifice on the altar of unlimited shelf life: The bran, middlings, wheat germ, and wheat germ oil, where virtually all the goodness of the whole grain resides. None of that goodness remains in pathetic commercial "white flour"
but you can have it all, by making your own fresh flour from whole grains with a fast, convenient, modern grain mill in your home kitchen. You, and everyone you bake for, will soon wonder what you ever saw in "styro bread"!

Grain Milling Demo Set$9.95 Qty:
FREE FedEx SHIPPING if order total is over $99*. ($7.95 flat-rate shipping under $99)         Click for Info/Help
Order Online or by Phone: 1-800-321-1073 Phone hours    Or click to order by Mail or Fax

Gamma Lids have two-piece construction: Ring seals onto the rim of an ordinary bucket, and lid then screws into threaded ring for airtight, leak-proof, resealability!
Gamma Seal Threaded Bucket Lids

Gamma Seal Lids transform your buckets into rugged, resealable, airtight, watertight storage containers of 2, 5 or 6 gallons. For your kitchen, laundry, garage, yard, shop, pets... Gamma Seal Lids offer way more than 1001 uses. There's nothing better for putting your grain into when you've opened up one of the nitrogen-sealed buckets, because the threaded and resealable Gamma Lid puts a big "STOP" sign in front of all the little critters you don't want in your grain! These screw-top lids will fasten right down onto the top of the six gallon buckets that we ship grain in, and you can just re-use the bucket with the Gamma Lid, each time you open a new bucket of grain.

See Gamma Seal Lids (and additional bucket options) here

Food-Safe Buckets
Water Jugs Too!

Berkey® Stainless Purifier Systems

Berkey Stainless British Berkefeld Water Filters

Berkey® Stainless Purifying Systems

Berkey® Stainless systems are available in a size for every need. Gravity operation means no electricity is required, and the "Tortuous Path" micro-pore design of the Black Berkey® purification elements assures you of the cleanest, purest water possible for drinking and all other purposes. Berkey® represents the absolute zenith of nonelectric, go-anywhere, gravity water purification excellence.
Berkey® Gravity Water Purifiers

Durable, stainless steel icons of purity, Berkey purifier systems have produced safe water for millions of people around the globe for decades. Equipped with the new Black Berkey® purifying elements, Berkey® Stainless purifying systems removed pathogens at the EPA's incredibly high "Log 7" standard, meaning that no more than one contaminant molecule per ten million remains in the cleaned water.

Unprecedented purifying effectiveness: Berkey® purifiers using the Black Berkey® purification elements are proven to reduce pathogenic bacteria (including E. Coli, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Giardia and Cryptosporidium) by 99.99999%. The Berkey Light® System has been tested with the maximum pathogenic contamination levels that can be produced in a laboratory. When contamination levels exceed one billion pathogens per liter of water (10,000 times the density of contamination used in the standard test protocol for bacteriological removal) they become too numerous to count (TNTC). Such contamination levels are referred to as "lawn growth." Under normal testing protocol, one pathogenic organism is tested at a time, each with a fresh purifying element. For this test, however, the laboratory was directed to mix together a soup of three separate pathogenic "lawn growth" cultures. Tested under this extreme contamination level, absolutely no pathogens were able to make it through the purification elements. The laboratory then incubated the water, and nothing grew. When the effluent (filtered water) was viewed under an electron microscope not even inviable (dead) microbes were detectable — nothing was present but pure H2O. Furthermore, contaminants reduced to below-detectable-limits include Trihalomethanes, Radon 222, and volatile organic compounds including Benzene, 2,4-D, Heptachlor, MTBE, Styrene, Tetrachloroethylene and Toulene, among many others.

Now see the new Berkey Light® System too... Click the link below to see classic Berkey® Stainless as well as the new LED-equipped Berkey Light® purifier system with transparent copolyester housing!

Click here for our main Berkey Water Purifier page

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