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Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer for Dough

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The Brød & Taylor®
folding dough proofer
Folding Bread Proofer

Compact home bread proofer

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NEW! the Brød & Taylor® Folding Dough Proofer

The Brød & Taylor Folding Proofer makes wholesome, made-from-scratch baking easier than ever with an optimum proofing environment plus easy storage. Set it lower for a longer “cool rise” or turn up the heat to give your yeast a boost on a cold winter day. A large window gives you a full view of the spacious interior where your largest bowl or full sized loaves fit easily. There’s no need to cover your dough as the included water tray keeps humidity at an optimum level. The proofer accurately maintains the temperature you set, anywhere in the range of 70120°F (21–49C). Its body is built of super tough reinforced polypropylene with a clear viewing window. The stainless steel wire rack, power cord and all other parts fit inside the proofer when folded. Inside dimensions are 15” x 12-1/2” x 8-1/2” high. Outside dimensions are (open): 18” x 14-1/2” x 10-1/2” high and (closed): 18” x 14-1/2” x 2-3/4” high, so it stores very easily.

Pizza dough... artisan sourdough... yogurt... the folding bread proofer provides a warm, humid environment for more consistent results with rising yeast dough recipes. These include organic whole grain recipes, made-from-scratch bread loaves, pastries, gluten-free yeast bread recipes, soft pretzels, doughnuts, focaccia, cinnamon rolls, and croissants, to name a few. The
Brød & Taylor proofer is also the ultimate yogurt maker, developing perfect yogurt in either one large, or several smaller containers. Nothing's easier than making delicious yogurt at home with this machine!

Brød & Taylor's innovative proofer is a multi-use kitchen tool perfected for home bread bakers – or anyone with an appreciation for scratch recipes, organic cooking and wholesome ingredients. Designed as the ultimate solution for rising yeast dough, the proofer’s consistent low-heat, humid environment also works as a yogurt maker, chocolate tempering machine, bread crisper, plate warmer and more. One efficient, elegant, collapsible appliance does it all – both safely and conveniently. It’s a great new tool for any kitchen where organic, homemade recipes are valued and prepared, and it has really taken off among our customers at Pleasant Hill Grain.

How It Works

  • Set Up: Lift the lid then remove the rack, power cord and water tray. Unfold the walls forward along the base into the built-in guides. Place the wire rack on top of the heating plate and over the water tray (if you’re using it). The plug input is on the side.

  • Temperature & Set Up: Temperature & Pre-Heat: Press ON/OFF once for the POWER light to come on. Using the TEMP buttons, select your temperature and preheat for 10-15 minutes. The HEATING light will flash on and off when your optimal temperature is reached. Place your mixing bowl, loaf pans or baking sheet on the rack and close the lid.

  • Humidity Control: The proofer may be operated in a dry or humid condition. To create a more humid environment, pour approximately ¼ cup (50ml) of water into the water tray. For best results, use warm or hot tap water.

  • Fold & Store: Turn your proofer to OFF and allow to cool. Lift the lid to remove both wire rack and water tray. Fold the expanded box backwards then hinge it forward onto the base. Put the dry water tray in the front area. Invert the wire rack onto its slots. Place the folded power cord on top. Close the lid and press to lock.

Michael Taylor,
an engineer and longtime bread baker, is well acquainted with the homespun solutions bakers have tried in search of a more controlled rise. An inventor by trade, Taylor saw a problem that needed a remedy. Home bakers needed a tool that offered the confidence and convenience of a professional proofer in an affordable, space-saving design. After years of careful research and testing, Taylor created the world’s first folding home proofer. The excellence of his approach shows in this outstanding product.

Other Specs: 120V, 60Hz, 200W. Weight is 7 lbs.

Warranty: The Brød & Taylor proofer is covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty.

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Temper chocolate
Perfect for yogurt

Brod & Taylor proofer hanging rack
The Brød & Taylor® hanging
rack doubles the capacity
Stainless steel second rack
The Brød & Taylor®
hanging rack hooks onto the
side supports.
Rack doubles capacity
The Brød & Taylor®
side supports & hanging rack
NEW! the Brød & Taylor® Hanging Rack

The Brød & Taylor hanging rack accessory creates a second level in the proofer, ideal for proofing two sheet pans or four loaf pans. While the Brød & Taylor proofer comes with one rack, which sits on the floor of the proofer, this hanging rack doubles the usable capacity of your proofer! Sheet pans should be 14¼” x 12” (36.2cm x 30.5cm) or smaller. Loaf pans should be about 3” tall, so that the maximum height of the risen bread is 4” (10cm). The rack also has fold-out legs allowing it to be used as an elevated lower rack resting 1¾” (4.4cm) above the heating plate. Rack is stainless steel. Rack measures 14⅜” x 12¼” (31.2cm x 36.5cm). Each side support measures 8” x 3¾” (20.3cm x 9.5cm).

Warranty: The Brød & Taylor hanging rack is covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty.

FREE Shipping on orders over $99 total... & No Sales Tax!*

Brød & Taylor Hanging Rack$19.75 Qty:
FREE FedEx SHIPPING if order total is over $99*. ($7.95 flat-rate shipping under $99)         Click for Info/Help
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The hanging rack from above (lid removed)
The hanging rack used as an elevated lower rack
The Brød & Taylor® proofer with both racks installed
(front panel removed)

I've been a bread baker for 30-plus years, and for most of that time I proofed my bread in a warm oven. However, a redesigned kitchen has made that much less convenient. I saw the Brød & Taylor proofer on the PHG website and ordered it, and I'm delighted! It’s lightweight and very compact when folded. Instead of having lots of parts to lose, it collapses and folds into a package only a few inches deep. You just open it, plug it in, and the proofing temperature is right there, easily adjusted. The metal rack that sits in the bottom lets me use any type of proofing bowl. There's also a shallow water tray that can add moisture to the proofing environment. When finished, it stores away quickly. Most importantly, it proofs perfectly regardless of the kitchen temperature! Pleasant Hill Grain is consistently rated highest among baking websites on Internet forums. I've been trading with you for ten years, have always been completely satisfied, and you'll be my go-to site in the future. – Richard Keistler, TX

I’ve wanted a proofing oven/yogurt maker like the Brod & Taylor for a few years. A week ago I got the okay to get one. I ordered from you because I've had such good experiences with your company in the past. To my delight, the proofing box arrived two days later! Last night I made my first batch of yogurt using the clear instructions in the booklet. This morning I woke up to thick creamy yogurt. Four hours later after the yogurt had chilled I sampled it— the yogurt was smooth and tangy to perfection. It is truly the way to make foolproof yogurt. I now look forward to bread making using it. Julie Martin, CO

My wife and I do a lot of online ordering and we have seldom dealt with a merchant as conscientious and professional as your organization. Thank you for your patience and outstanding customer service. – Chuck Hall, Woodland Hills CA

Your customer service is the best there is. All companies could learn from you and your employees. Very courteous and prompt. Stacey, SD
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