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The information on this page is incomplete and outdated and could be incorrect.
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Pleasant Hill Grain
Bosch Mixer: Bosch Universal Stand Mixer

Would you like to buy a Bosch Mixer... for less... and enjoy personal service too? At Pleasant Hill Grain we offer the finest kitchen tools, at great prices, and provide personal service both before and after your purchase. We appreciate your visit today and hope you enjoy your time at our shop. Please call or e-mail if you have questions or if we can assist you in any way.  We like to help and we'd love to hear from you!

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The Bosch Mixer: Better Design for Better Bread, Extreme Versatility

The information on this page is incomplete and outdated and could be incorrect.
Thanks for your patience as we remodel!

Every Kitchen Equipment
maker claims to have the best machine, and that can make the selection process difficult until you discover the Bosch Mixer. Because the claims made for Bosch mixers are backed by engineering realities the others can't match.

The Bosch Mixer has M
ore Power: For starters, the Bosch Mixer has a 700 watt motor. Our biggest competitor (the sales-volume leader) calls their strongest model the "Professional." Its motor is only 525 watts. Universal's motor is more than 1.3X stronger than their best. Power to mix better and last longer.

The Bosch Mixer has a Stronger Transmission: Even more important than the motor is the transmission, which converts motor power into work. Our mass-marketing competitors build transmissions with inexpensive spur gears. The first shortcoming of spur gears is that they break under stress. Stress is a bowl full of bread dough or a triple batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Things you need your mixer to handle. Buyers tell us frequently that they're getting a Bosch Mixer now because their other mixer, often brand new, failed.

The Bosch Mixer is More Efficient: The second major problem with spur gears is that even before they break, they transmit torque poorly. Torque is the ability to exert power at low turning speed — exactly what's required of a good mixer. The Universal's competition starts with a much smaller motor, then spends a big share of it on friction. Which is why many big mixers have surprisingly little oomph.

The Bosch Belt: Universal's transmission uses a belt drive design so strong that fewer than 1% have failed within twenty years. And that's twenty years of heavier work than most mixers ever see, because the Universal's reputation as a workhorse causes it to be purchased by a higher percentage of cooks who place high demands on their equipment. The belt drive of the Bosch Mixer also prevents motor failures from the heat that develops in the cramped gear enclosures of overhead drive machines, a major cause of "mixer meltdown" in other machines.  

The Total Kitchen Center:
The Bosch Mixer is a complete kitchen center -- the world's premier mixer, bread maker and blender in one outstanding machine. Available attachments extend its range of abilities to include food processing, grinding and more.

The Bosch Mixer: Better Gluten Development for Better Breads

Better Gluten Development: The Bosch Universal Mixer has achieved its dedicated following among bread lovers not only because it lasts, but also because it produces. It makes better bread, faster and easier, because no one else has the patented three-arm stainless steel BreadMaster dough hook design plus the strength to run it in up to 12 lbs. of tough dough. The BreadMaster 0hook vigorously incorporates oxygen as its unique design stretches and folds dough against itself, processing 100% of your dough every four rotations around the bowl. By comparison, other mixers merely stir the dough, never achieving the Bosch's level of gluten development. Proper gluten development produces light bread with great texture. Merely stirring the dough produces brick bread. Bread from the powerful Bosch Mixer needs to rise only once before baking, letting you make six loaves of fabulous fresh bread and have them out of the oven in just 90 minutes!

Mixing: Besides kneading dough, of course, you do want your mixer to mix, too and the Bosch Universal's mixing action is unexcelled. The bowl has a "tubular" bottom profile like a deep bundt cake form. Twin whips mount on top of the narrow center column, driven from below by a stainless steel drive shaft. The whips spin rapidly as they rotate, and the whip drive design allows the whips to "float" against the bottom of the bowl. The bowl's "bundt cake shape" bottom profile ensures that every bit of your ingredients get mixed. The Bosch Mixer's whipping action is so energetic it will make a cup and a half of meringue from a single egg white.

Access and Stability: The Bosch Universal's bottom-drive configuration gives you total access to the top of the bowl. It also provides great no-tip stability through a low center of gravity rather than by adding a ton of weight to the base weight you have to deal with every time you move the machine. One of our Bosch customers saw the light when her top-drive mixer fell off the counter and damaged not just her linoleum, but her subflooring too!

World-Class Blender: In addition to offering the finest bread kneading and mixing capabilities, your Bosch Universal Mixer also comes with an outstanding blender. Its 6-cup Lexan polycarbonate bowl is so strong it will snow ice cubes all day long. Chopping and pureeing are done to perfection at up to 13,000 RPM's. A built-in lid funnel lets you add liquid ingredients without stopping or removing the lid. The blender locks onto the Bosch mixer base, so it can't be bumped off during use.

The Bosch Mixer: Better Accessories for Greater Mixer Versatility

Optional  Accessories: Further down this page you can see the wide range of optional equipment that demonstrates the axiom, "No One Does It All Like BOSCH!" From food processing to making pasta, the Bosch Universal gives you the tools to do the job right.

Quiet: Whether you're in the kitchen for an hour or a day, it's very nice to have quiet running machines, and the Bosch mixer runs at about half the sound level of competitive kitchen mixers, because the belt on the Bosch mixer naturally turns quietly compared to breakage-prone gears.

The Warranty is Proof:
The Bosch mixer warranty backs up the claim that this is a better machine. The Bosch mixer motor and transmission are guaranteed for 3 full years! To get equal warranty coverage from the competition, you'd have to buy three of their mixers.

Bosch has produced over 240 technical and design innovations since the introduction of their first mixer in the 1950's. The fruits of this constant dedication to excellence show in today's superior Bosch Universal Mixer. Pleasant Hill Grain's low prices make it easy to put this mixer to work in your kitchen. Save money, time and labor while you enjoy creating foods brimming with fresh flavor and nutrition for yourself and your family, with the Universal model of Bosch mixer!

The Bosch Universal mixer is the best investment I've ever made. My family loves the wonderful breads and other things it makes so well and so easily. With the money I'm saving, the mixer's paying for itself very quickly. But even more than that, the time I'm saving to spend with my family is invaluable. Thank you! – Trace Boley, Henderson NE

I LOVE IT! No head in the way and it's held up wonderfully, plus it does such a good job! I'm still trying new things with it... Thank you, Pleasant Hill. – Shelley Marsh, Dexter IA

Bosch Mixer Features

Bosch Universal Mixer

  • Attractive, Stable Design
  • 700 Watt Motor
  • 3-Speed Transmission
  • Stainless Components
  • Pulse Switch
  • Capacity up to 12 lbs.
  • Large Powerful Blender
  • Patented kneading design develops gluten better for lighter, fluffier, more attractive baked goods.

Above: Bosch Universal mixer bowl with BreadMaster dough hook in place. The BOSCH Mixer makes great tasting breads with wonderful, light texture thanks to the superior gluten development of the patented BreadMaster hook which processes 100% of your dough every four rotations around the bowl. Say good- bye to tough, heavy bread and laborious hand kneading!

Bosch Universal Mixer bowl with wire whips in place. Whips rotate as they revolve rapidly around tubular-profile bowl bottom. The Bosch Universal's triple whipping action can make 1.5 cups of meringue from a single egg white!

BOSCH is first among premium kitchen centers because cooks recognize BOSCH as the leader in performance, features, quality, and long term value. 

Pleasant Hill Grain:  We can ship your Bosch Mixer today!

The Bosch Mixer: Super Affordable at PHG

More Powerful: The motor is the heart of the machine, and Bosch Universal Mixer's motors is bigger. While other brands use only 300-525 watt motors, the Universal's is 700 watts! And even MORE important is the high-efficiency Bosch transmission that transfers more torque to the job. The gears of lesser mixers are stripped by loads of heavy dough, but Bosch Universal SHINES when the going gets tough!

Most Useful: Comes with great standard equipment, and no other kitchen system touches Bosch for available accessories. 'No One Does It All Like BOSCH' is more than a slogan, it's a fact. (All Bosch Universal accessories are displayed further down this page.) Bosch is the premier bread maker, mixer and blender.

Compact: Incorporating so many features and options in one well-integrated design produces the most efficient kitchen system. Eliminating inferior, limited-function machines makes more room in your kitchen & more space on your countertop. Base unit is 9" deep by 13" wide, and is only 10" high with bowl mounted so it fits easily under cupboards, and petite cooks can easily see over the unobstructed, low-profile bowl to see just what's going on. Weight with bowl and dough hook is 12.5 lbs.

Great Capacity Range: Six 2 lb. bread loaves can be made in a batch, yet the Bosch whisks will pick up the smallest quantities thanks to the bowl's tubular bottom profile. The Bosch Mixer's 5- quart bowl is made of super-tough Makrilon and will hold up to 20 cups of dry ingredients plus 8+ cups liquid ingredients. (You may see the bowl called "6-quart"... its "air volume" is 6 quarts, and practical working volume is 5 quarts. We evaluate all mixers by real-life working capacity because we don't think air is what you want to mix!)

Warranty: 3 years on motor and transmission, 1 year on other parts.

Long Life: The Bosch transmission's 20-year failure rate is less than 1%!

Included Standard:

  • Patented Bosch dough hooks for better kneading action, better bread.
  • Makrilon 5 Qt. bowl holds up to 12 pounds of dough, has splash ring and lid.
  • French whips: Triple action turns a single egg white into 1.5 cups meringue!
  • Blender, 6 cup: Snows ice, cracks grains, purees fruits and vegetables perfectly.
  • Accepts all Bosch Universal System accessories (Displayed lower on this page)
  • List Price: $389.95 See special pricing below!

The information on this page is incomplete and outdated and could be incorrect.
Thanks for your patience as we remodel!

Your company provides the sort of service I thought did not exist anymore. I'lI purchase more things from you in the future because of your great service and your honesty... Thanks again for all your assistance! Greg Ortega, Phoenix AZ

After four years of experience with Pleasant Hill Grain, I can't think of another company of any kind that I can recommend as highly as yours. Your service is outstanding; it's a real pleasure doing business with you. Lori Itano, Wheaton IL

Slicer Shredder for
Bosch Mixer

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Bosch Mixer Slicer/Shredder Attachment

The Bosch Slicer/Shredder cuts foods as you feed them into its medium capacity bowl. It includes 3 disks: Shredding/Grating (reversible coarse & fine), slicing (reversible thick & thin), and french fry. The Slicer Shredder fits on the Universal's low speed drive, and has a 12 cup capacity. The Slicer/Shredder is a one-pass machine (no bottom blade), so it maintains uniform product size. The Slicer-Shredder is the most popular Bosch Universal accessory and makes a great starting addition to your Bosch Kitchen System!

Univ. Slicer Shredder$119.99 Qty:
FREE FedEx SHIPPING if order total is over $99*. ($7.95 flat-rate shipping under $99)         Click for Info/Help
The Slicer Shredder comes with the three disks described above. Three more disks are available:
Julienne Disk (Univ. or Concept SliShr)$29.99 Qty:
Fine Grating Disk (Univ. or Concept SliShr)$15.99 Qty:
Coarse Rasp/Snowing Disk (Univ. or Concept SliShr)$19.99 Qty:
Order Online or by Phone: 1-800-321-1073 Phone hours    Or click to order by Mail or Fax

Food Processor for
Bosch Mixer
Bosch Mixer Food Processor Attachment

The Bosch Food Processor Attachment has the traditional food processor knife blades in the bottom of the bowl for chopping and mixing. Also included are 3 disks used at the top of the bowl: Slicing (reversible thick & thin), shredding and grating (reversible fine & coarse), and potato grating. Fits on the Bosch Mixer's upper, high speed drive position (where the blender mounts.) May be operated with top-mounted disks or with bottom-mounted processor blade. 5 cup capacity. The Bosch Mixer Food Processor attachment lets you control food size by how long you run the machine. One of the great things about this food processor is its ability to make outstanding peanut butter very easily. The unique design of the food processing blades, combined with the power of the Universal mixer's 700 watt motor, turns peanuts into extraordinarily creamy peanut butter. For crunchy style, just toss in a few more peanuts toward the end.

Univ. Food Processor$104.99 Qty:
FREE FedEx SHIPPING if order total is over $99*. ($7.95 flat-rate shipping under $99)         Click for Info/Help
Order Online or by Phone: 1-800-321-1073 Phone hours    Or click to order by Mail or Fax

Click here for a helpful tip about mounting the Food Processor on your Bosch Universal Mixer.

The information on this page is incomplete outdated and could be incorrect.
Thanks for your patience as we remodel!

Let me express my appreciation and praise for the sincere and personable customer service each of your people demonstrated in fulfilling my order. You provide the small town warmth and genuine, neighborly services of the local country store many of us knew in the 1950's and 60's. My wife and I will refer everyone we know to Pleasant Hill Grain. We know they’ll have a rewarding experience. – Dennis Ronan, Keizer OR

The Bosch Mixer: A Better Way to Cook!

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