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Pleasant Hill Grain
Bosch Universal Mixer

Buy the Bosch Mixer... for less... and enjoy personal service too? At Pleasant Hill Grain we offer the finest kitchen tools, at great prices, and provide personal service both before and after your purchase. We appreciate your visit today and hope you enjoy your time at our shop. Please call or e-mail if you have questions or if we can assist you in any way.  We like to help and we'd love to hear from you!

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The old model Universal mixer has been superceded by the new Universal Plus model. Click here to see it!

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Bosch Universal mixer: The Bosch Mixer offers the opportunity to own outstanding features, quality and performance in an affordable, integrated system. With standard attachments and available accessories, the Bosch stand mixer/kitchen center performs a myriad of kitchen functions quickly and easily and occupies very little space in your kitchen.

High-Torque, 700 watt motor: Standard equipment includes a 6 qt. Makrilon mixing bowl, bowl cover, dough hook, and French whisks. Some of the available accessories for the Bosch Mixer are listed below.

Fabulous for RV's! Bosch mixer/kitchen center design packs extreme versatility into very little space.

Bosch Mixer
Bosch Mixer

Pleasant Hill Grain is a Member
of the Better Business Bureau

Bosch Mixer

Compact, Strong, Versatile: Built with Bosch's world-famous pride of craftsmanship, the Bosch Mixer carries a 3-year motor & transmission warranty. This attractive, strong-performing machine with 6 qt. bowl will compliment your kitchen and make your cooking time more fun and more productive. Bosch Mixer dimensions with bowl are 9" deep by 13" wide, and is only 10" high with bowl mounted so it fits easily under cupboards, and petite cooks can easily see over the unobstructed, low-profile bowl to see just what's going on. Weight with bowl and dough hook is 12.5 lbs. Tens of thousands of happy owners attest that the Bosch Mixer will do great things in your kitchen!

  • 700 watt motor drives bowl attachments with orbital action
  • Bosch mixer three speeds plus pulse
  • Easy cleaning
  • Big dough capacity with Bosch mixer's Makrilon bowl
  • Bosch Universal Mixer includes bowl, dough hook and French whips
  • Capabilities expand further with accessory attachments for the Bosch Mixer
  • Bosch Mixer bowl accessories are dishwasher safe
  • Warranty: 3 years on Bosch mixer's motor and transmission

Bosch Mixer Slicer Shredder Attachment
Bosch Mixer Slicer/Shredder Attachment

The Bosch Slicer/Shredder cuts foods as you feed them into its medium capacity bowl. It includes 3 disks: Shredding/Grating (reversible coarse & fine), slicing (reversible thick & thin), and french fry. The Slicer Shredder fits on the Universal's low speed drive, and has a 12 cup capacity. The Slicer/Shredder is a one-pass machine (no bottom blade), so it maintains uniform product size. The Slicer-Shredder is the most popular Bosch mixer accessory and makes a great starting addition to your Bosch Mixer Kitchen System!

Whisk assembly for Bosch mixer slicer shredder attachment.

Bosch Whisk Assembly for the Bosch Mixer
Whisk Assembly for Bosch Mixer Slicer/Shredder

Bosch Whisk Assembly allows you to do whipping in your Universal Slicer Shredder bowl.Very handy for smaller amounts or when you're using your large Bosch Mixer bowl for other jobs.

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Graphic on Bosch Mixer Page

Bosch Mixer Food Processor Attachment
Bosch Mixer Food Processor Attachment

The Bosch Mixer's Food Processor Attachment has the traditional food processor knife blades in the bottom of the bowl for chopping and mixing. Also included are 3 disks used at the top of the bowl: Slicing (reversible thick & thin), shredding and grating (reversible fine & coarse), and potato grating. Fits on the Bosch Mixer's upper, high speed drive position (where the blender mounts.) May be operated with top-mounted disks or with bottom-mounted processor blade. 5 cup capacity. The Bosch Mixer Food Processor attachment lets you control food size by how long you run the machine. One of the great things about this food processor is its ability to make outstanding peanut butter very easily. The unique design of the food processing blades, combined with the power of the Universal mixer's 700 watt motor, turns peanuts into extraordinarily creamy peanut butter. For crunchy style, just toss in a few more peanuts toward the end.

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Click here for a helpful tip about mounting the Food Processor on your Bosch Universal Mixer.

As much as I like my Bosch mixer, I love your customer service even more. I recommend your company to friends, family and acquaintances. Your level of customer service is something I've never experienced from another company. I'll be buying a Nutrimill soon, and I wouldn't consider buying it anywhere other than Pleasant Hill Grain! – Julie D, Auburn WA
Bosch mixer's citrus juicer attachment.

Bosch Mixer Citrus Juicer Attachment
Bosch Mixer Citrus Juicer

The Citrus Juicer Attachment for your Bosch mixer: For easy juicing of lemons, oranges, grapefruit and large limes. The powerful motor takes all the hard work out of these fresh juices. Fits on the Bosch mixer's low speed drive.

Click here for our main Bosch Mixer page.

Click here for replacement parts for the Bosch mixer, including bowl and blender parts.
Original Bosch mixer stainless bowl.

Bosch Mixer Original Stainless Bowl
Bosch Mixer Stainless Steel Bowl (Original Style)

The Original Style Stainless Steel Bowl for the Bosch Mixer has larger dough mixing capacity (14 lbs.) than the standard bowl because it doesn't have a center column. The dough hook drives from the bottom of the bowl. This bowl comes with its own dough hook, which does an outstanding job of kneading. Also includes splash ring and center cover, not shown. Fits on the Bosch Universal Mixer's low speed drive. Whips, whisks and cookie paddles cannot be used with this bowl. For mixing up the largest-possible batches of dough in your Bosch mixer, this heavy duty stainless bowl is ideal. Tip: The bottom drive shaft pops out of its socket with a smack from the palm of your hand, for easy cleaning. Putting a drop of vegetable oil on the O-rings after washing will make them last a good long time.

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New stainless Bosch mixer bowl.
New stainless Bosch mixer bowl.
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Bosch Mixer Stainless Steel Bowl (New Style)

The New Style Stainless Steel Bowl for the Bosch Universal mixer has a center drive shaft, enabling the Universal's standard wire whisks and BreadMaster dough hook (as well as the new accessory cookie paddles) to be used in it. Capacity is 5 quarts, the same as the Makrilon bowl. This bowl is sold without dough hook, whisks or lid, because those pieces from the Universal's standard Makrilon bowl fit onto this bowl. (Lower photo shows the Universal dough hook in the bowl.) Fits on the Universal's low speed drive. The drive shaft detaches in seconds from below for quick, easy cleanup. Click for more photos showing the removable drive shaft. This new bowl is one of the most popular Bosch Universal Mixer accessories.

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More Bosch Mixer Parts
Replacement Plastic Bowl for Bosch Mixer... & Other Parts

Standard Bowl for Bosch Mixer is available if you want an extra or need to replace one (it's surprising how many things get lost when people move!) For everything from complete bowl assemblies down to replacement bowl shells or lids, click the link:

Parts for Bosch Universal Mixer: Click Here

Meat Grinder Graphic on Bosch Mixer Page

Bosch Mixer meat grinder attachment
Bosch Universal Food/Meat Grinder 

The Food and Meat Grinder Attachment for the Bosch mixer grinds and minces meats, stuffings, and virtually all foods. Comes with a 4.5 mm disk for general use; other sizes (listed below) are available to achieve any desired consistency The Universal is turned onto rear-mounted rubber feet, as shown, to operate the grinder. We've tested the Universal meat grinder side by side with a wide selection of competitive stand-alone meat grinders on the market, and the performance of the Universal unit towered over the rest. It really cranks out meat and other foods. For the best ground meat texture and easiest grinding, chill meats almost to freezing before grinding.

The Universal meat grinder also is the basic attachment for these accessories: Fruit and Berry Press, Grater for nuts and hard cheeses, Sausage Stuffer, Cookie and Pastry Press, and the Pasta Maker attachment. All of these accessories are described below.

I'd like to compliment you for making my dealings with your company a very enjoyable experience. Your polite manner, courteous behavior, and professionalism are greatly appreciated. Your company sets the standard for Internet shopping. I will recommend Pleasant Hill Grain highly to all of my friends. Rodney G. Chelius, Jr., Lynnwood WA
Berry Press Graphic on Bosch Mixer Page

Bosch Mixer Berry Press Attachment
Bosch Universal Fruit and Berry Press

Cone type juicer for berries, apples, pears, tomatoes, fits Bosch mixer. Strains skins, pulp and pits, separating the juice for wines, jellies, sauces. Great for tomatoes, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, more. The juicer will separate apple juice, but does not make applesauce. Fits onto the Bosch Universal meat grinder, see above.

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Bosch Mixer Replacement Parts
Click here for Bosch Mixer replacement parts.
If you e-mail or call about parts or accessories, please provide the model number from the base of the mixer itself.
Nutrimill Grain Mill Graphic on Bosch Mixer Page
Check into Grain Mills
Fresh Ground Flour, Key to Nutrition

Fresh baked bread is always a taste treat! But what about nutrition? Grain flour has truly fabulous nutritional value when it's freshly milled, but nutrient values plunge just a few days after milling. What's more, mass marketers remove the most nutritious parts from the grain in favor of long-term (nutritionless) shelf life. "Refined" white flour is a marvel of marketing efficiency, and its nutritional value is roughly on a par with marshmallows. When you consider that your body becomes what you eat, this is a serious problem. Fortunately a great solution is available. By milling whole grains in your kitchen you can have the freshest, best tasting baked goods that are fully loaded with the nutrients our bodies need for wellness and vitality. Pleasant Hill Grain offers the best grain mills on the market and you can see them here.

Dear Folks at Pleasant Hill: It has been so nice to deal with people who care about how you are treated. I got the distinct feeling that you are proud of your products and that you cared for me as a customer. That's not very often true today... Thanks again for the wonderful service. I will recommend you to my friends. – Richard B.

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A Home Business That Works
Enthusiastic about Bosch mixers as we are? You can have your own business representing Bosch and other fine kitchen equipment in your community! Work from your home, set your own hours, with a wholesale account at Pleasant Hill Grain. No startup fee, and training materials are free! If you haven't discovered the joy of doing work you love, get on the right track with Pleasant Hill Grain and the Bosch mixer. Have a friend who'd like an opportunity? Please let 'em know! 
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Pleasant Hill Grain is a Member
of the Better Business Bureau
Pleasant Hill Grain is among America's
fastest growing private companies
Pleasant Hill Grain is a
Verified Authorize.Net Merchant

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