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Pleasant Hill Grain
Commercial Grinders for coffee, eggshell, bones

Would you like to buy the very best... for less... and enjoy personal service too? At Pleasant Hill Grain we offer the finest kitchen tools, at great prices, and provide personal service both before and after your purchase. We appreciate your visit today and hope you enjoy your time at our shop. Please call or e-mail if you have questions or if we can assist you in any way.  We like to help and we'd love to hear from you!

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Pleasant Hill Grain offers commercial grain mill equipment for a wide range of grinding needs. Most dry materials can be ground (milled) to flour or meal texture with stone burr mills, and both dry and wet or oily materials can be ground with iron burr mills. Applications include grinding of wheat, corn, soybeans, buckwheat, barley, red beans, white beans, oats, teff, kamut, spelt, rye, quinoa, triticale, chilies (chilis), hulls, masa harina, spices, coffee, oil seeds, egg shells/egg shell, bone, roots, hulling (dehulling) of sunflowers, and many others.

All commercial mills are fully adjustable
for texture, from fine flour to meal texture or "cracked grain", and are suitable for human consumption or animal feed.

Stone burr mills produce
the finest flour possible and are ideal for fine milling of dry, non-oily grains like wheat, corn, popcorn, rye, oats, etc.

Iron burr mills are widely used
for fine or coarse grinding of dry grains as well as a wider range of materials including higher-oil substances like soybeans, oilseeds, coffee and spices, among others. Iron burr mills boast high production rates at moderate cost when "talcum fine" flour is not required.

Ideal for low-to-medium volume of dry flowable materials such as grains. Also great for making chestnut flour. Fully and easily adjustable from coarse to extremely fine grind.
Ideal for medium-to-high volume of dry flowable materials such as grains. Also great for making chestnut flour. Fully and easily adjustable from coarse to extremely fine grind.
Ideal for low-to-high volume of wet or oily or dry materials, including grinding wet corn for masa, or for making flours. Fully and easily adjustable from coarse to fine grind. Available with or without motor.
Operates by high speed impact action and will pulverize a wide range of materials. Finished product size is determined by the interchangeable exit screens having your choice of hole sizing. Available with or without pneumatic material handling fans.
More machines in table below

Grinds peanuts, honey roasted peanuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia, hazelnuts, pistachios and cashews in either roasted, blanched or raw state, for nut butter.
Thunderbird mixers are a durable, economical solution for a wide range of mixing needs.
Hand corn sheller (or "thresher) quickly removes the grain kernels from ears of corn (maize).

(Click here for grain mills for home kitchen use)

Of the three companies we dealt with for the equipment we needed, yours is the only one that I had absolutely no problems with in any aspect of the business relation. I have been extremely pleased! – Lisa Talkington, Columbia MO

After four years of experience with Pleasant Hill Grain, I can't think of another company of any kind that I can recommend as highly as yours. Your service is outstanding; it's a real pleasure doing business with you. – Lori Itano, Wheaton IL

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