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American Harvest Dehydrator Nesco Dehydrator

American Harvest/Nesco Dehydrator Model FD1018P Gardenmaster

Buy the American Harvest dehydrator now and receive Deanna DeLong's beautifully illustrated 160 page book, How To Dry Foods. It's loaded with practical how-to's for preserving all kinds of fruits, vegetables and nuts, and includes many dehydrator recipes for using your delicious dried foods. We include Deanna's book FREE with the excellent American Harvest dehydrator.

Gift book with American Harvest Dehydrator
How To Dry Foods: Dehydrator Recipes
& drying guide for dehydrating
fruit, beef jerky, vegetables, herbs.

(Included free with American Harvest dehydrator.)

American Harvest Dehydrator Model FD1018P Gardenmaster

American Harvest's biggest, most powerful dehydrator! Comes with 8 trays, each 1 sq. foot, expandable to 30 trays for huge 30 square feet of food drying area! Combination of large, quiet, five-inch fan, 2400 rpm motor and 1000 watt heater lets you dry food gently in hours instead of days. Temperature is adjustable between 95° and 150° F. Air pressure adjusts automatically to number of trays used. Measures 15" dia. x 14.5" high (with 8 trays.)

American Harvest Dehydrator's Patented Airflow Design: The American Harvest dehydrator's double wall design provides fresh air equally to every tray, eliminating tray rotation and flavor sharing. Vita-Save Exterior blocks light from dehydrating food.

American Harvest Dehydrator Includes: 8 dryer trays, plus the American Harvest dehydrating guide, plus 8 mesh screens, plus 8 fruit leather/jerky sheets.

Plus, order now and receive a free copy of Deanna DeLong's 160 page book, How To Dry Foods. Deanna's well-illustrated book shows how to preserve food easily and expertly and it's loaded with dehydrator recipes.

American Harvest Dehydrator has a Full 1-Year Mfg's Warranty

Others are selling stripped versions of the 1000 series American Harvest dehydrator with only three trays! Compare the value of this eight tray package — we think you'll agree it's a great deal on an outstanding dehydrator. And we ship FREE!

Your company provides the sort of service I thought did not exist anymore. I'lI purchase more things from you in the future because of your great service and your honesty... Thanks again for all your assistance! Greg Ortega, Phoenix AZ

Commercial snacks are expensive and loaded with chemicals and refined sweeteners. Save money with delicious, natural, home-dried foods! Dehydrator operating costs average only 1 to 3¢ per hour!

Use with American Harvest Dehydrator / Nesco Dehydrator  
Jerky Works by
American Harvest

American Harvest/ JERKY WORKS

Jerky gun includes 1 flat tip for making jerky strips and 2 round tips for making large and small jerky sticks. Includes 5 jerky spice flavorings, enough to make 2-1/2 pounds of jerky: Original, Cajun, Fajita, Pepperoni and Teriyaki. Simple and easy to use. Each packet makes 1/2 lb. of jerky from 1 lb. of lean ground meat. 
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American Harvest/Nesco Slicer

Nesco Meat Slicer/Food Slicer

American Harvest/Nesco Food Slicer with Tilt Base

Nesco's FS-120-T Food Slicer: There's no better way to slice large quantities of food for your dehydrator than with an American Harvest/Nesco food slicer.

Quality construction: Sturdy, heavy-duty metal base and housing. 90 watt motor and incredibly sharp, German stainless 6.5" cutting blade gives perfect results. Precision thickness adjustment. Easy-rolling food table of the Nesco food slicer is tilted for smooth, uniform feeding of food.

Easy cleaning: All removable parts of Nesco food slicer except control panel are dishwasher safe.

Nesco Food Slicer Dimensions: 15.2"L x 12.2"W x 11.2"H. Weight: 11 lbs. Blade diameter is 6.5".

Full 1-Year Mfg's Warranty


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Dehydrator Recipes

Book: How To Dry Foods

Deanna DeLong's 160 page book, How To Dry Foods is loaded with useful how-to's for preserving all kinds of fruits, vegetables and nuts, and includes dehydrator recipes for using your delicious dried foods. We include Deanna's book FREE with the American Harvest dehydrator, or you can buy it separately.

For free food dehydrator recipes to use with the American Harvest dehydrator, click here

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